Media Group Ukraine launches an integrated multi-platform news brand Segodnya

Published Tue, 14 February 2017, 11:23

Today Media Group Ukraine has launched Segodnya, an integrated large-scale news platform that will comprise TV, press and digital technologies. These communication channels will now be a part of the news brand.

The synergy and interaction between Ukraina TV channel, website and Segodnya newspaper will help keep the audience updated 24/7 under the integrated brand.

The key objective of the initiative is to meet the information needs of a wide audience, while respecting the fundamental values that remain unchanged – the balance of opinion, accuracy, public interests, unbiased approach and impartiality.

Yevgeniy Lyashchenko, CEO of Media Group Ukraine: “Segodnya multi-platform news brand is a landmark change we have long been preparing for. Our goal is to get across the information to our viewers and readers quickly and conveniently and be responsible for the delivered quality. Therefore, we decided to launch an integrated news brand Segodnya”.

Aleksey Mustafin, General Broadcast Producer at Media Group Ukraine: “The firm boundaries between the media are being erased. Today, consumers want to receive information in all formats, including texts, photos, video and graphics, and use all media channels, sometimes even simultaneously. Segodnya news brand has long been communicating with its audience not only through the newspaper and website but also through other channels such as social networks and YouTube. Now we have added TV, which means new opportunities for our viewers and readers. Thus, we are consistently implementing the idea of 24/7news – we believe it is the most popular news format for Ukraine today.” 

On 14 February, viewers of Ukraina TV channel will see a new multi-feature studio of Segodnya news programme. It has quality technical equipment for simultaneous broadcasting from different platforms. In addition, new design solutions help news anchors host programmes together and keep several guests in picture.