Media Group Ukraine to present package of Ukriane 1, Ukraine 2, NLO TV1 for world over

Published Thu, 27 April 2017, 12:10

Media Group Ukraine has presented a package of Ukrainian channels entitled to broadcast the world over. It is before long that the package (HD Quality, 24/7 regime)  shall be presented the world over for all types of providers (analogue, digital & satellite operators, OTT providers etc.) .

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“The package of the MGU international channels – is our response aimed to meet the interest shown by foreign  broadcasters  in Ukrainian content. We have been frequently approached with proposals to telecast the Group’s channels in a number of countries. Therefore we have come with a comprehensive solution – a package of channels for the whole family. It is no wonder that the product is first and most aimed at the expat community  but we are only at the beginning of the way to go. Thus we are intent to analyze the market, study the demand, and thus it is quite possible that we would be able to adapt our product for other audiences. Speaking of the immediate future we might note subtitles in English and other languages. Our international market entry strategy – is purely a business decision, while Ukrainian content is well prepared to make profits abroad and we should not miss  the chance”, - commented Oleksiy Kurakin, Director for Business Development, MGU.


Channels Ukraine 1 and Ukraine 2 account in aggregate for an 800 hour content a year. The channels are specifically characterized by their thematic differentiation meeting a wide range of audience preferences. Ukraine 1 – offers the  best   Ukrainian serials and motion pictures, documentaries, public service and information shows, such as: Spivachka (Singer) a serial, Klan Yuveliriv (The Jewllers Clan), Na Liniyi Zhizni   ( Life Line) , Lialya , Realna Mistyka (Real Mystics), a scripted reality, Ahenty Spravedlivosti (Agents of Justice), etc. Ukraine 2 offers shows, such as Govoryt Ukrayina ( Her is Ukraine), Zvezdny Put (Star Trek) Narodnaya Zvezda (People’s star), etc.

Ukraine TV Channel has been vastly and favourably experienced in our in-house product sales abroad; they are watched in Europe and Asia alike. Therefore we decided to pass over to the next stage : to produce a package of channels  entitled to world rights.  Diversity in genres makes it possible to  expect  broad audiences which would have access to our library products and premieres as well. We are also planning to further replenish the content with newscasts and live links” , - commented Victoria Korogod, Director , Ukraine TV Channel.

NLO TV 1 and NLO TV 2 account in aggregate for at least a 400 hour content annually with NLO TV 1 offering the best comedy serials and entertainment shows, such as Yak Gartuvavsya Style (How the Style Was Tempered). Super Cops, etc.  and NLO TV 2 programming, such as  Chystopluyi (Fastidious Guys), Rozdovbayi (Slackers), etc.

“We have been on air for 5 years now and over the years we have collected a great library aimed first and foremost at young people and complementing our two leaders. All the more so, because we are just gaining momentum in our production: we are inclined to produce TV movies and serials to meet a 90 hour telecast this year and no less than a 100  hour telecast  next year. But our prospect for the future amounts to 200 hours annually. Thus we are expecting  rather frequent premieres on the international channels”, - commented Ivan Bukreyev, Director, NLO TV.