Supercops new season episodes on NLO.TV

Published Mon, 29 May 2017, 14:03

NLO.TV launching shoots of  the sitcom SUPERCOPS new seasons. With the first two seasons being a success , 60 more episodes are supposed to be produced on NLO.TV, i.e. seasons 3 and 4 together. And the shoots are in full swing now.


While commenting on the issue Andrey Burym (general producer and the leading actor starring as Heorhiy Mamiashvili) says: “This is an unprecedented experiment for both, our production studio and Ukraine’s entire film market as well.  We are filming 60 episodes right away to stick to record breaking terms, for 3.5 months, in fact. Moreover, the scripts of the 60 episodes have been written in 5 months. Sometimes it takes our colleagues 18 months to write 20  episodes. And what we  are trying to do is to meet the deadlines working at such a speed rate without any detriment to the material quality. Having cooperated with our favourite channel for three years we produced 186 episodes all in all (accounting for the 60 new ones). We are planning to make 2 special projects, 45 minutes each with one of them bringing us back to the past.”

New seasons’ episodes will abound in humour, a greater number of funny everyday situations, unusual locations and non-standard twists of  story lines. Whereas a group of authors has been expanded we promise new plots and texts that have the edge over the old ones. Besides all characters would speak Ukrainian. Serhey Prytula greatly helped the team with the texts’ Ukrainian adaptation.

“Speaking of the fresh episodes it’s worth noting that language is what makes all the difference. It is not under any constraint that our characters started speaking Ukrainian. It is just that we actually wanted to shoot in our mother tongue. Each character has a linguistic marker of their own and thus quite a few moments seem to be much more laughable than in the Russian speaking variant. We spared no effort to make the language living, modern, colloquial without vulgarity. As to the language issue: first, all our actors had special classes with experienced instructors although they speak Ukrainian daily in the real world and therefore it did not present any difficulties in the production process. However, it’s worth noting  that at the very start  they were so nervous that they were learning their respective parts noon and night. No time to mess about any more like they had done previously. We are kidding, of course “, say Aleksandr Bogdanenko (director) and Viacheslav Dergachev, producer, when sharing their professional secrets.

As to the cast, there are hardly any changes except a new character appearing and the character is a mother in law. As to the stories themselves the authors’ team  does not stay still preparing a few hot and bold stories about politicians, so called “majors”, about all things happening in this  country now.

“What we are trying to do is to send quite a serious message to our viewers. The sitcom is just a sweetie paper but essentially it is our everyday life and relations among people. It is our vision of what’s going on in this country now and our creative endeavor to show what is bothering us.” says Aleksandr Bogdanenko.

It’s worth reminding that Supercops – is a story based on day-to-day lives and routine of a police precinct. Heorhiy Mamiashvili (Andrey Burym), a Georgian , is running the show here. A team of his subordinates is quite versatile: a married couple of Vita and Andrey Marchuk (Olga Storozhuk and Pavel Tupikov), a “smart” twosome of Stepan Baranov (Taras Tsymbalyuk) and Gleb Osliansky (Yaroslav Herus), Aleksandr Kudria (Feliks Abroskin) and Mariya Tarnavskaya (Viktoriia Varley) , a couple of troublemakers , Alesia Nosik (Alisa Klyushkina) and Anton Sheremetiyev (Serhey Kuda), partners Elephant and Pug style, and, last but not least, Vladimir Tsopa (Aleksandr Pogrebniak), a mysterious metrosexual. The Supercops  new seasons are to be aired  on NLO TV this autumn.