Svetlana Panyushkina Quits as Chief Content Manager

Published Tue, 30 May 2017, 14:38

It was on June 9, 2017 that Svetlana Panyushkina, Chief Content Manager terminated her employment with  Segodnia Multimedia. It was since 2012 (5 years all in all) that she had been in charge of as its Chief Content Manager. Since she joined the team the readership had increased significantly and starting 2015 the site had been rated first among Ukraine’s news resources in the number of Internet users visiting the site monthly. According to the data by Gemius Ukraine the site’s monthly audience had accounted for 3.2 mln. persons  in 2016, i.e. 15% of  Ukraine’s total Internet users number.

Svetlana Panushkina

“I would like to say thank you to Media Group Ukraine, Segodnia Multimedia and my own team for the five years. To be in charge of the enormous resource – is a great responsibility, hard work and permanent engagement and commitment. However, there comes a point when you would like to stop for a moment and withdraw from 24/7 regime. Therefore I need a short leave of absence to understand where to move further. As to the Site and my favourite colleagues I wish all of  you advance, development and success. And I am sure to stay a loyal  reader of my  favourite   brand Segodnia.”

 Aleksey Mustafin, General Producer, News& Information, Media Group Ukraine:

“We bow our acknowledgements to Svetlana for the tremendous job she did as Chief Content Manager of the site. It is under her guidance that the site has become an up-to-date news portal generating more than 350 pieces of news daily providing its readers with full picture of the day 24/7. The tasks set have been fully met. The fact that it is ranking first among news resources – is the best proof of the statement.”