Content Does Matter : Segodnia # 1 in Ukraine

Published Fr, 2 June 2017, 11:11

According to the latest research MMI 2016/4+ 2017/1 by KANTAR TNS in Ukraine, the newspaper Segodnia has been again rated first in readership per issue  among  mainstream printed media. Thus an issue of  Segodnia , a sociopolitical daily paper,  is read by 562.6 thousand Ukrainians which accounts for 4.1% of this country’s population, age group 12-65, inhabiting cities of more than 50,000 persons.

Source: Data by  KANTAR TNS in Ukraine MMI 2016/4+ 2017/1 age group 12-65, inhabiting cities  50,000 +  General sampling – 7000 respondents.

While commenting on the research findings Olga Guk, Editor-in – Chief, Segodnia says:
“Our paper maintains its leading position due to a smart policy in content and proper development strategy in the paper circulation. It has been for two  years now since we  shifted the emphasis dramatically increasing the amount of analytical and expert information offered. Therefore our readership do not only keep abreast of the events but can shape their own opinions on  the most pressing issues. Special projects have become another priority in the content improvement and development. They are aimed at  motivating our readers to amend their  own  lives and the lives of those near and dear to them. To name just a few of them: “Losing Weight Together with Segodnia”, “A Walk through Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Kharkiv with Segodnia” “A Literary Salon”, “Good Vision” “Ukraine in Love”, “A Kid in Search of Parents” “Sunday School” . Each of the mentioned projects is aimed at engaging a reader into communication with the paper and also with the people surrounding them, thus expanding our readership. We are planning a few interesting thematic projects in the nearest future.” The hard core of Segodnia readership accounts for inhabitants of big cities with the population exceeding 100,000. They account for more then 91.6% of our readership. It is worth noting that our readers are mainly people  of medium – higher income accounting for 71% of our readership. Such characteristics generally meet the requirements of advertisers that offer their mass consumer goods and services to wealthy consumers.

Source: Data by  KANTAR TNS in Ukraine MMI 2016/4+ 2017/1 age group 16-65, inhabiting cities  50.000 +  General sampling – 7000 respondents.