Deepmetrics - measurement system presented by Digital Screens

Published Thu, 8 June 2017, 12:23

Media Group Ukraine and Digital Screens have kicked off Deepmetrics TV, a sort of their startup. The project is aimed at creating measurement tools for IPTV and OTT television, at the Big Data collection and analysis, at modelling TV viewing patterns and carrying out TV advertisement  analysis in the real time regime.

Олексій Куракін, директор з розвитку бізнесу Медіа Групи Україна

Within the presentation framework a basic product line was demonstrated : TV Report Basic – a monthly overview report  on digital TV viewing; TV Report PRO -  individual analytical reports and source data for broadcasters and right holders; SaaS TV Metr Online – meant to independently address the TV viewing data and ADBLAST Online,  based on computer assisted  learning capable to distinguish and analyze TV advertising on TV channels. All the a.m. products except TV Report PRO are available for free testing. TV Report PRO – is a personalized paid product.

The data for Deepmetrics already come from Ukrtelecom Interactive TV, OLL.TV and OLL TV Partnership net.

While commenting on the issue, Aleksey Kurakin, Director, Business Development, says: “Digital Laboratory for Audio Visual Measurements – that’s what we called the project. This is the way to address the digital viewing data systematization, modelling tools, which can’t be subject to direct measurement methods, big data, science –intensive technologies. And also business, to be sure , while  product commercialization is one of our priorities. We are especially  proud of the fact that all Deepmetrics products and technologies have been developed by us.

Our official project page  will be operative starting June 14,2017. Go to Detector Media for a detailed report on the presentation: .