Yelena Shabashkevich Appointed Internet Projects Director for Media Group Ukraine

Published Fr, 23 June 2017, 14:34

It is since June that Yelena  Shabashkevich a manager of  experience , name and repute  has joined  the MGU handpicked team. Having been appointed Director, Internet Projects Development, she would be in charge of digital media development strategy while providing the MGU business full cycle support in Internet.

Having gained a vast administrative experience in companies, such as KP Media, New Frontier Group, Lineas2-ETC, UMH Digital Vetures, she was appointed Director, the project.

Олена Шабашкевич

Yevheniy Liashchenko, Director, Media Group Ukraine:

“Advance and development of the Group digital assets is one of the key tasks faced by our business. The Group has at its disposal an entire pool of resources with  enormous potential due to  sites, such as Segodnia .ua and,  and our TV Channels presence in Youtube and social networks. We view the quality content production as a means to expand our multimillion audience.  Yelena is commissioned with a task  to seek and implement the effective monetization tools and devices, bring our internet projects to a higher cost-efficiency and profitability level. Yelena’s previous experience and high competence  allow us to expect that our most ambitious plans will be implemented”.  

Yelena Shabashkevich, Internet Projects Director, MGU:

“New sites and media with Media Group Ukraine are true fashion arbiters and trendsetters in a number of segments thus interacting with the multimillion audience. It’s both a challenge and ambitious task for me to further promote and develop resources of the kind. The Group projects are implemented by teams of experienced professionals, therefore I have no doubts that our joint effort would help meet the desired goal.”