Ukraine TV Channel – Unconditional Leader in TV Viewing As of First Half Year End

Published Tue, 4 July 2017, 16:48

Ukraine TV Channel   keeps  its popularity stake  with this country’s  viewers  while augmenting its audience.  As of  the 2017  first half year end  it ranks  first among  Ukraine’s  TOP-6  nationwide TV channels in  ratings for both age groups : 18-54 and 18+  , “50 ,000 +” panel.

As compared to the same period in 2016 its audience shares have been subject to a 12% and 11% increase for the 18-54 and 18+ age groups, respectively.

Thus the Channels’ performance  at the end of the first six months in 2017 accounts for:

10.63 % **- audience share; 1.52% **- rating for the  18-54 age group;

18+ age group : 12.83 %** - audience share; 2.27%** – rating  for the  18+ age group.


“The leading positions held by Ukraine TV Channel since start of the year prove that our team has chosen the right strategy enabling it to meet the audience expectations in the highest sense of the word. The high performance standards have been reached owing  to both : in house  products ,such as Ranok z Ukrayinoyu (Morning with Ukraine), Govoryt Ukrayina (This is  Ukraine), Realna Mistyka (Real Mystics), information broadcast  projects ,  co-productions  with the country’s best production companies, e.g. Kapitansha  (Female Captain). We still invest heavily in our own production and therefore  a new season would  bring  new premiers to our viewers.”, says Victoria Korogod, Director,Ukraine TV Channel.

TV series and movies ,  produced fully  in house and jointly with Ukraine’s best production companies have made a significant contribution to the high audience share  The statement might be illustrated by the a.m. Kapitansha   custom  made  by ABC film as ordered by Ukraine which has become the best prime time series with the average rating (commercial audience) accounting for 4.96%*, share – 16,13%*; within the 18+ age group share being – 22.77 % **and rating 8.59%**. This melodrama with clock-and-dagger elements has been watched by 16.1 million viewers all in all with only final episodes making 7.2 million viewers fix their eyes on screen.

Protystoyannia ( Confrontation) ,  a four episode TV movie produced by Star Media became one of the most successful on Ukraine  in April 2017 with the average share being 12.70% *  for the 18-84 age group thus ranking first in its time slot . The premier show of  Zapovit Pryntsesy (Princess’s Last Will) produced by Ukrainian Production Studios  has been watched by 11.3  mln persons  in Ukraine with the share being 7.82%* , 10.74% ** and  rating -2.36% *, 3.89%**  for the 18-54 and  18+  age groups respectively.

“When planning broadcast schedule one has to grasp the dominating trends first and foremost, but more than that,  there is also  a need  to forecast the viewers’ expectations, and that’s what Ukraine TV Channel  is aiming at: to rev up its in-house production and close cooperation with this  country’s  leading production studios, such as Front Cinema, Film UA, ABC Film, Star Media and Ukrainian Production Studio . It is due to these efforts resulting in interesting and quality content that that we have managed  to reach high performance standards and  become leaders in TV viewing ,”  says Yuliya Gatitulina,  Director, Department of Programme Planning.

Ukraine’s in house products were highly popular with the viewers which is signaled by performance rates of, say , Ranok z Ukrayinoyu ( Morning with Ukraine) , a leader in its slot with  its audience share  being 10.73%*, 11.39% ** and rating 0.90%* ,1.08%**  for the 18-54 and 18+ age groups, respectively; nearly 20 mln Ukrainians start they day with the programme.

Govoryt Ukrayina  (This is Ukraine)  with Oleksiy Sukhanov   was its usual success within the period  with its audience share accounting for 9.90%*, 13.20%** and rating – 2.93%*, 5.16% ** for the 18-54 and 18+ age groups , respectively.  It’s  worth noting that the programme ranks first among daily projects of the  same format.

Our Channel’s  in-house  docu projects have also turned  heads of our viewers. Istoriia odnogo zlochynu (A Story of a Crime), a new detective story project  has ranked first  in its slot  with the  share being 10.08%,* 13.58%** and  rating – 1.49% *, 2.12%** for the 18-54 and 18+ age groups , respectively.

It is for the third season running that our viewers have been watching  detective stories of  Agenty Spravedlyvosti  (Agents of Justice) which is now ranking first in its slot with the audience share: 11.34%*,  14.54%** and rating 1.21%*, 2.12%** for the 18-54 and 18+ age groups, respectively.

Realna Mistyka (Real Mystics) , a scripted reality show has also won the audience attention becoming a leader in its slot at the 2017 first half year end reaching 12.69%*, 14.03%** in  audience share and 1.21%* , 2.12 %** in rating for the 18-54 and 18+ age groups ,respectively.

Ukraine TV Channel  news  telecasts also account for a significant contribution to the high performance rates shown with its Siogodni  (Today) prime time (7PM)news report accounting for 10.55%* in audience share and 2.68%* in rating for the 18-54 age group, while ranking first in its slot  for the 18+ age group showing 13.88%** in share and 4.80%** in rating. Thus in the course of the 2017 first six months nearly 30 mln. Ukrainians learned  the latest  hot and happening news, both from home and abroad, as reported by Ukraine TV Channel. 

Sobytiia Nedeli (Weekly Events) with Oleg Panyuta has ranked  first in its slot for the 18+ age group  with its share being 14.48%* * and rating – 5.56% **. As for the  18-54 age group its share accounts for 11.29%* and rating - 3.41%*.

*Estimated for the  18-54 age group , “50,000+” panel

** Estimated for the  18+ age group ,  , “50,000+” panel

*** Estimated for the 4+ age group

TV audience research data belong with the Industrial TV Committee (ITK), offered by Ukraine TV Channel. Provisional data as of June 30,2015. Data provided  based on rat% and shr%. Detailed data in ITK glossary.

Ukraine TV Channel. Information.

Ukraine TV Channel is one of this  country’s  leading  nationwide channels ranking first among the  nationwide channels showing 11.63% in audience share and 2.05% in rating for the 18+ age group , “50,000 +” panel as of the 2016 year end. TV audience research data belong with the Industrial TV Committee (ITK), offered by Ukraine TV Channel.  Detailed data is in ITK glossary.  

Ukraine TV Channel’s general coverage accounts for 93% of all Ukrainian households as of December 2016. The signal is transmitted via networks, such as analogue , cable, digital T2, and via satellite; airing news and information, education, featured, entertainment and sports programming, active in in-house production, such as shows, motion pictures and TV series, housing within  Media Group Ukraine  (including also NLO TV, a youth  channel, thematic channels, such as Football 1/Football 2, Indygo TV, Regional Media Group, Mediapartnership sales house, Digital Screens company (oll.TV) , production companies, such as Tele Pro, Front Cinema and Dopomozhemo TV (Let’s Help TV) as well as Siogodni Multimedia holding