“Series!” Section at the Odesa International Film Festival

Published Mon, 10 July 2017, 12:11

OIFF-2017 will present works from five countries within the framework of the “Series!” Section. The curators of the section this year is the festival of TV series “Series Mania”, and its partners are Media Group Ukraine and the TV channel “Ukraine”. 


Ukrainian director Oleg Maslennikov has 92 works in 86 projects under his belt, among them – the crime series “The Experts”. The series tells about the lives of criminological experts who investigate crimes every day. Andriy Makarov, the team leader, always works in tandem with the investigator Bohdana Kovalska. They like each other, but both are not ready to start a new relationship. In parallel, Makarov is investigating a personal case concerning the murder of his sister.

“Transferts” is the work of French directors Claude Skasso and Patrick Benedek. The main character of the series is an ordinary man named Florian Bassot, who, while paddling on a boat with his family, accidentally drowns. Florian spends several years in a coma before waking up in the body of another person. Now he has to hide his true identity and live a stranger’s life in order to be able to find his family.

Israeli director Ron Ninio and screenwriter Shlomo Mashiach created the series “Your Honor”. This is a cautionary tale about an honest and respectable judge. The life of Micah Alcobi changes when he decides to betray his principles to protect his son. This is a story of how even the most stoic people can break in the face of death and despair.

In 2017, Belgian filmmakers Filip Lenaerts and Marc Bryssinck completed production on the series “Team Chocolate”. The plot unfolds on a chocolate factory where the staff consists of mentally retarded people. One of the workers named Jasper falls in love with his colleague Tina. Suddenly, the girl gets deported to her homeland, and the boy and his friends go searching for Tina.

A series from Denmark directed by Kasper Barfoeld, “Below the Surface”, will make you experience different emotions. The plot starts unfolding on an autumn morning in the metro. The life of 15 passengers changed forever when unknown criminals took them hostage. The events that unfold change the minds of not only the hostages, but all citizens of Denmark.

The screenings of episodes of the series on the big screen will take place from July 15 to 19.

Find detailed information on screenings schedule in the OIFF programme.