Talk show Govoryt Ukriana – slot leader

Published Thu, 27 July 2017, 16:58

It’s worth noting that the show’s performance data is as follows:

The average share  (shr%) and ratings (rat %) has reached 11.7% *and 2.56%*, respectively, for the age group of 18-54 ( 50,000+) and 13.61%** and 4.16% in share and ratings, respectively, for  the age group of 18+ (50,000+).


Govoryt Ukraina  talk show has won the  viewers’ greatest affection due to stories such as the baby left in a luggage locker or a family with two kids dwelling in the garage or Alina a 15 year old, daily losing her sight  being abandoned by her mother. The story of a baby left in a luggage locker aired on July 19  found the broadest response among  the viewers assembling an audience of  4 mln. persons*** and reaching the highest share in the course of the week for 18-54 (50,000+) – 12.79%*.


Govoryt Ukraina  is  the main  public service  talk show in this country  with its main focus landing on fortunes of people with all types of background thus covering events and issues that set the whole country in turmoil. The show has been on air since April 2012. Over this period of time Aleksey Sukhanov, its host, and his team told more than thousand explosive stories; moreover they helped a great number of people to find their folks , to pool money and other resources for medical treatment of their characters, to overcome difficulties, to solve a number of resonant cases   and to restore justice, etc.

** The data assessment for the 18+ age group, “50,000+” sampling;

*** The data assessment for the 4+ age group,  all Ukraine  sampling;

The tentative TV audience research data as of June 30, 2015  belong to the TV Industrial Committee (TVIC) , presented by Ukraine TV Channel as rat% and shr%. Detailed data to be found in the TVIC glossary.