Vogue UA Presented Art Issue at UNIT.City

Published Mon, 31 July 2017, 15:03

27 July 2017 – Ukrainian Vogue presented its new art-issue at the innovative park UNIT.City. As part of the event in Kyiv, a new street-art object – an abstract graffiti by young Ukrainian artist Dmytro Mykytenko – was opened. Ukrainian curator Lyudmyla Bereznytska, designers Svitlana Bevza and Ivan Frolov, artists Ilya Chichkan and Masha Shubina were among the guests of the event.


August issue of Vogue UA is traditionally devoted to art. In 2017, the cover was created by two legendary figures of the modern art world. For the first time the cover of Vogue was shot by photographer Nan Goldin and for the first time famous model and actress Chloe Sevigny appeared on the cover. Vintage wedding dresses and BVLGARI jewelry were brought to the cover shoot from all over the world. In different years trendsetter Olympia Scarry (2016), artist Vanessa Beekroft (2015) and the queen of performance Marina Abramovich (2014) made the covers of the art issue of Ukrainian Vogue.

The iconic issue of Vogue UA umbers was marked with a street-art party in the innovative space UNIT.City.

"Vogue UA team is very pleased to present a new art issue in the UNIT.City today. We are proud of our project with Nan Goldin and Chloe Sevigny and other stories in which we introduce our readers to the main people in fashion and contemporary art. This is one of the missions of VOGUE - as I understand it," - says the Chief Editor of VOGUE UA, Olga Sushko

"We want art to become an integral part of the life of UNIT.City: the launch of UNIT.City Art Prize, the presentation of Vogue UA’s art-issue, collaboration with the artists. UNIT.City is a space in which the synergy of business, science and creative industries creates new opportunities for Ukraine. By uniting people who are able to think outside the box, we create an atmosphere that inspires and "switches the brain on", - managing partner of UNIT.City, CEO, Maks Yakover.

Under the curation of Yulia Polishchuk, the owner of XXWHYISM, the winner of the London Saatchi gallery competition and an organizer of the underground street-art festival in Lutsk, Dmytro Mykytenko created an abstract graffiti "Volyn Landscape. Fragments" in the innovation park.

In turn, residents of UNIT.City laboratory Sensorama Lab developed an augmented reality app for the graffiti. Guest of the event could see it through their smartphones after installing a mobile application.

Specifically for the art issue of Vogue UA, the artist Zinaida Likhachova came up with and performed a ritual "Budu": "This is a modern interpretation of the ancient rite of vows on the ground. In Ukraine, during the instability and confusion, a ritual was held for the soldiers, who were initiated as messengers to resolve the conflicts,"- the author explains.

Together with Kenzo, Ukrainian illustrators and artists Masha Reva, Masha Gavrilyuk, as well as florist Tetyana Kantimirova created sculptures and a series of video art. Among other exciting occasions at the event there was a DJ sets from Ukrainian 20ftradio, which was mentioned among top five world music sites acording to the "Internet-Oscar" Webby Awards. For the DJ set, an artist Anton Logov created the installation "Timelessness".

The guests were treated by Dmytro Borisov’s family of restaurants.