Ukraina TV Channel: Segodnia Ranking First Among Prime Time News

Published Wed, 9 August 2017, 16:04

Based on the last week performance data the 7P.M.Segodnia on weekdays aired by the Ukraina TV channel is ranking first */**among prime time newscasts of the top-6 nationwide channels. The show assembled 7.5 mln.  viewers throughput the week.

For the period of July31-August 4 the Segodnia average share (shr%) amounted to 13.86%* with the relevant rating (rat%) accounting for  2.55%* for 18-54(50,000+); as to 18+(50,000+) the share accounted for 15.77** with the rating being 4.09%**

Частка інформаційних програм

Therefore the Segodnia performance data for the 31st week showed  a 19% increase as compared to the Channel’s total average share for 18-54 (50,000+), showing in particular a 4%  growth as compared to the previous week news share.

It’s worth reminding that Segodnia on the Ukraina  TV Channel is an inseparable part  of the single multiplatform brand under the same name  (Segodnia, within Media Group Ukraine formerly aired as as Sobytia) was rebranded on February 14,2017. Since its rebranding  the 7P.M.Segodnia (weekdays) has been leading the slot */**with its performance data being as follows:

for 18-54 age group(50,000+) with  average share - 10.69%* , rating  - 2.46%*;

for 18+ age group (50,000+)  with  average share 13.95**, rating -4.41%.

Since its rebranding moment the 7P.M.Segodnia has been occupying the top position among the prime time news  projects aired on the nationwide channels for 18+ age group(50,000+).