Personal changes on Ukraina TV channel

Published Thu, 10 August 2017, 10:34

Aliona Tsintila has been appointed head of a new public service journalistic project on Ukraina  TV Channel while Lyudmila Dobrovolskaya will now be in charge of  Segodnia (Today) information programme  aired at 3P.M. and 7 P.M.

Personnel changes on Ukraina TV Channel are aimed at giving a fresh impetus to socio-political and journalistic aspect of our telecasting and also meant to enlist the help of  an experienced  professional talent  so as to strengthen the Segodnia team”, says Aleksey Mustafin , General Producer, News Programmes for Media Group Ukraine.

Aliona Tsintila will be in charge of the creative  concept  for  a  new public service journalistic project and specifically  for its implementation understanding that the project itself is meant for seeking new non-standard answers to the hard-hitting challenges  in Ukraine of today.  As to Lyudmila Dobrovolskaya, her line   of responsibility will cover  prime time news cast at 7 P.M.  and  the 3P.M. The new manager was officially introduced to the team in August.

Segodnia on  Ukraina TV Channnel  is an inseparable part of the single information multiplatform brand under the same name  within Media Group Ukraine  consisting of the TV project, paper and site. Segodnia  (formerly aired as as Sobytia) was rebranded on February 14,2017. Since its rebranding  the 7P.M.Segodnia has been leading the slot */**with its performance data being as follows:

for 18-54 age group(50,000+) with  average share - 10.79%* , rating  - 2.49%*;

for 18+ age group (50,000+)  with  average share 14.09**, rating -4.44%.

Since its rebranding moment the 7P.M.Segodnia has been occupying the top position among the prime time news  projects aired on the nationwide channels for 18+ age group(50,000+); as to  18-54 age group(50,000+) - in the course of  24July through 5August.  Ukraina’s average monthly audience  watching its primetime news  amounts to 17,000,000 viewers.  ***.

Lyudmila Dobrovolskaya – media manager of name and repute, was employed as TV and radio host and newscaster, vastly experienced in journalism; her work record ranges from heading  information  and  analytical programmes department on ZIK to hosting Samyi Umnyi (The Brainiest), a show for kids on Ukraina, including news casting on various Ukrainian channels, editing information and analytical programmes, etc.

Aliona Tsintila – a journalist experienced in news and information broadcasting; has been employed at Ukraina TV Channel since November 2014, including as Head of Sobytiya (later - Segodnia) project at 7A.M. and 3 A.M since April 2015.