Book of fiction on Ukrainian football written by Football 1/Football 2 sportcaster

Published Tue, 15 August 2017, 16:56

While casting light on the Ukrainian football backstage the book relates to a plod and obstacles awaiting any boy daydreaming of a breakthrough to a top-class football. The book details on a way to  go so as  to reach the stardom offered by top  European  clubs  hunting for new names; it focuses  on what  is  usually left “off camera”  which is often not all that milk and peaches, glamour and extravagances but also and, first of all, rough goings, hindrance, obstacles, temptations and trials, weaknesses incident to human nature, motivations, etc.

“It’s a made up story with the protagonist being a generalized character . However, a lot of things found in the novel have either actually taken place or could take place anytime anywhere to a number of persons. I am telling a story of a  Dynamo Kyiv football player who caught the interest of Manchester United. However, before offering a relevant transfer the British club hires a Ukrainian Journalist to get on the guy inside meaning all and any details that don’ t have anything to do with football. The journalist is all over the protagonist,  starting to live his life, literally airing dirty laundry,  facing obstacles made by the footballer’s  agent. But nothing makes him stop anyway”, says Kirill  Krutorogov.

“Football is abundant in a number of events or interesting stories often recalled by people but never made public, though. For the Ukrainian football history we racked up a lifetime of stories that might inspire a wish to create works of art. And I am happy to know our channel’s sportcaster has been  among pioneers in the sphere. What Kirill has done is a sort of guided tour of the football world which would be of interest not only to football fans to  those alien to sports.  That’s the way I see it.”,says Oleksandr Denysov, Director, Football1/Football2.