TV Channel Ukraine is TV viewing leader in September

Published Mon, 2 October 2017, 16:34

s of the end of September 2017, the television channel “Ukraine” holds the first place among national television channels for the audiences of 18-54 years old (population of 50 thousand +) and 18+ (population of 50 thousand +).

e channel has been a leader among viewers during all nines moths of the current year.

Kanal_Ukraina _sept

“Since the beginning of the year, the television channel “Ukraine” has been confidently holding a lead during all nine months. And after an autumn season began, despite the variety of premieres on other channels, we have kept the lead among both commercial and general audiences. This result is first of all due to the exact understanding of the requirements of our audience, thorough and precise work on the content production, which eventually shapes into a program product steadily gaining high indices. I would especially like to outline our in-house products – “Realna Mistyka”, “Zirkovyi Shliakh”, “Segodnia”, “Hovoryt Ukraina” – as well as prime-time series both of in-house production and created in partnership with various national production studios,” – as stated by Viktoriya Korogod, the chief of the television channel “Ukraine”.

In September, the television channel “Ukraine” became a leader of viewers’ preferences owing to morning, daytime, and prime-time in-house projects, weekend film runs, exclusive football broadcasts of the Ukraine national matches and Europa League and Champions League games of Ukrainian teams.

The projects “Zirkovyi Shliakh” / Star way, “Realna Mistyka” / Real Mystic, “Segodnia. Vypusk v 19:00” /Today. Report at 19:00, Ðezhurnyi Vrach” / Doctor on Call (FILM.UA Production), a series in the Ukrainian language, and a premiere of the third season of “Zhenskiy Doktor” / Doctor. Baby Dust (FILM.UA Production), as of the end of the month, were holding a lead in their slots for both audiences (*/**). In the prime-time section, a premiere season of a drama series “Zhenskiy Doktor” / Doctor. Baby Dust (FILM.UA Production) gained an audience of approximately 12 million viewers***, “Okno Zhyzni” / ​Baby Boxes (FILM.UA Production) – around 14 million viewers***. The audience of Aleksey Sukhanov’s social talk show “Hovoryt Ukraina” / Ukraine Talks comprised 18 905 421 people***, and the one of “Segodnya v 19:00” / Today at 19:00 newscasts was 16 390 238 people***.

In the weekend film run section, among the highest indices were those of the premieres of mini-series “Rebenok na Million” / Million Dollar Child (for the audience of 18-54 years old (population of 50 thousand+), share – 14,75%, rating – 2,86%, for the audience of 18+ (population of 50 thousand+): share – 15,89%**, rating – 4,57%**) and “Vzoydet Rassvet”/ Come the Down (for the audience of 18-54 years old (50 thousand +), share –11,9%, rating – 2,52%, for the audience of 18+ (50 thousand+): share – 15,89%**, rating –4,57%**). The series “Vzoydet Rassvet” / Come the Down (by “Ukrainian Production Studio”) and “Rebenok na Million” / Million Dollar Child (by “Mamas Film Production) were watched by 6 million of Ukrainians*** each.

Moreover, football broadcasts on the television channel “Ukraine” became among the top-rated shows, and the match of the Ukraine national against Iceland in the qualification for World Cup 2018 headed the top of the channel’s television events in September: for the audience of 18-54 years old (population of 50 thousand+, share – 19,71%*, rating – 5,46%; for the audience of 18+ (population of 50 thousand+): share – 19,66%**, rating – 6,36%**.

* Data is calculated for the audience aged 18-54, sample “50,000+”.

** Data is calculated for the audience over 18 years old, sample “50,000+”.

*** Data is calculated for the audience over 4 years old, sample “All Ukraine”.

Television audience research data for by TIC. Panel operator – Nielsen; monitoring  by Communication Alliance. The data provided by television channel “Ukraine”. The data is preliminary as of 30 September 2017 , calculated for rat%, shr%, and cov#. See details on the indices and defining target audiences in the TIC glossary.