Channel Ukraine to Launch Glavnaya Tema (Topic of the Day) Hosted by Elena Kot

Published Wed, 25 October 2017, 17:27

Glavnaya Tema (Topic of the Day), a  new project on the most high profile and explosive problems of today’s Ukraine, is to be launched on Ukraina TV Channel  in November. The show is authored and hosted by Elena Kot.

The project creative team will choose the most talked about  problems resonant throughout this country  affecting the interests of its population majority. They would be brought to a focus  for in-depth and exhaustive treatment. Elena Kot would spare no effort to speak on the problems’  hidden causes, true facts and possibilities to resolve them.

The  show is a certain  response and attempt to meet public demand and  people’s needs. The country is going through rough times. The reforms implemented  encounter opposition on the part of the people. Sometimes they find it too hard to get their direction in a  fast changing world. How is it going to affect our lives? What will be the result in effect? Where are we going to and how  to survive in this country?  Quite a number of Ukrainians do not agree to the role of bystanders, but they would rather choose to try and sort out the ongoing events, to understand their inner logic and consequences, their end goal , they would prefer to be in the know of all facts and development scenarios and also of all option models and their effects. Nobody would deny the civic responsibility growth in Ukraine as of late. Besides, the majority of  Ukrainians  have formed quite  conscious and   meaningful position   towards what is under way in the country. We are going to discuss the most relevant, topical  and high profile issues. There won’t be any closed issues for  the show. The things talked about in the country  would be brought to focus.  Nevertheless, the current problems, however resonant ,urgent and hard-hitting they are  now,  would be viewed from a new perspective because we will attempt to seek and find  the way  they might be resolved. We are not going to give advice , but  will  offer favourable  examples to illustrate our statements”, commented Yuri Sugak, Editor-in Chief, Information Department, Ukraina TV Channel.

Aiming to deeply and comprehensively analyze any explosive topic the new project author and host Elena Kot will try to address the findings made by  investigative journalists, online surveys, reports from the field; she will relate to simulated events, dwelling upon successful experience gained by other countries, peoples and organizations, speaking on how to apply the said gains  in Ukraine of today. While being in search of any problems’ roots and causes she would invite people of name and repute from among   journalists,  experts, officials, bloggers, politicians , economists, etc. so as to present their views and opinions on relevant issues.

 “ Glavnaya Tema (Topic of the Day) is sure targeted at people with civic responsibility, sense of themselves, for those able to hear and listen to, analyze  and make conclusions of their own. Providing them with as much mental food as possible, that’s what I view as my primary task. An entire journalistic team are working on the project. By saying that I mean those who are very much in the know of any   particular problem which will be subject to their scrutiny. While doing this they would sure name those liable for any wrong-doings and suggest ways and means to overcome the difficulties and solve the problems. Such stories would account for 80% of the show content. Besides we will formulate the key questions most frequently asked by the common people on the issues under discussion.   It goes without saying that I will sure insist that any guest in the studio give precise, specific and honest answers on roots, causes  and persons  to blame. Moreover, I would demand that they should speak on what we are supposed to do so as to resolve the problem”, that’s what  Elena Kot  said, sharing her view  and opinion of the project. 

Glavnaya Tema” (Topic of the Day) will be aired on Ukraina TV Channel at 8P.M., on Sundays directly after “Sobytiya Nedeli” (Weekly Events ) with Oleg Panyuta.