Football 1 to launch fitst ever morning football show in Ukraine

Published Thu, 19 October 2017, 18:02

Halatny Football (Bathrobe Football) is the name of a new morning entertainment show awaiting its viewers at 10.20 A.M. on Saturdays and Sundays  starting November 14 2017.


Emergency response group meant for saving our viewers from the autumn blues will be composed of Oleg Maslyuk , a Mamahohotala resident and Konstantin Kirkarian , a well known show man. 

Ever heard of a football team without a training session in the morning or  Cristiano Fonaldo without a morning hair styling or else   any TV channel without a morning show. So it is no wonder that this country’s main football  channel must have the main morning show. Our show is bound to start at 10 A.M. where your folks are awake, so we offer anything and everything for a true fan. The timing is perfect since morning is very special in its atmosphere and football  is a world in itself. Let’s imagine the world of football in the morning. Thousands of players are conquering kilometres to actually warm up in the morning, hundreds of groundsmen are already marking the fields to  prepare them for evening matches.  And it is only those two hosts of ours that go on air at 10.20 A.M. on Football 1. So join us in the morning. We are on air and you are watching us with your morning gowns on”, said Konstantin Kirkarian

“I am pleased to host such a show. On the one hand, entertaining people - that’s what I love most of all. On the other hand, football is sport # 1 and I have a real crush on it. Actually I  get a kick out of blending the two inseparable parts of my life”, said Oleg Maslyuk..

You would have fun to get awake so as to be ready for football weekends together with    Halatny Football.