Ukraine TV Channel – Leader in November TV Viewing

Published Mon, 4 December 2017, 13:00

The below shows ranked first in their relevant slots at month-end November 2017 for both audiences*/**: Zirkovyi Shliakh, Realna Mistyka, Agenty Spravedlyvosti, Istoriya Odnogo Zlochynu . As to the premier shows of Agenty Spravedlyvosti, season 4, they performed as follows: 16.37%* - average share for 18-54 (50,000+)  and  18.42%  -average share for 18+ (50,000+).  The new episodes were viewed  by nearly 3 mln.*** persons on the average.


Spetzy (Hard-liners), a serial coproduced by Ukraine/Star Media -showed high performance data in TV viewing. Having been aired at 9P.M. on week days, 6-22 November, it became the best prime time series on Ukraine’s TV in autumn. ** . The investigations by  Spetzy were watched by 15.5 mln of the  Ukraine TV Channel’s  viewers.

Golovna Tema (The Main Theme), a hard hitting public service show hosted by Olena Kott was launched on November 19 winning high performance data to become the best on the local television since the year start for 18+ (50,000+) with the rating reaching 10.56%** and share -22.95% **. The premier show on the pension reform was viewed by 5.6 mln. Ukrainians. ***

The viewers prove to be traditionally keen on motion picture shows on weekends. Prysiagayus kohaty doviku (Swearing to Love forever), a 4 episode melodrama  by FILM.UA in cooperation with Ukraine TV Channel   with the performance data being as follows: 14.26%* - the average share for 18-54 (50,000+)  and  19.20%**  - the average share for 18+ (50,000+).