Brand SEGODNYA - 20 years old

Published Fr, 15 December 2017, 17:23

It was 20 years ago that Brand SEGODNIA (Today) first appeared as newspaper to shortly win  love and respect among its readers becoming one of the most popular print media in Ukraine.

SEGODNIA – is the biggest information platform in Ukraine, accumulating unique possibilities of the three powerful media, such as TV, Internet site and newspaper. The 20th anniversary is a holiday shared by  the three media editions providing prompt coverage on what is going on in all spheres of  this country’s life favouring authentic, impartial, unbiased approach.


SEGODNIA stays in touch with its viewers and readers 24/7. The paper of the same name is more than just news items. It is an analytical overview of what is going on outside your window, prompting  how to cope with it and what to expect tomorrow. It is everything you need today to have an authentic picture of what is under way in Ukraine and the world over. It was on December 15, 2017 that the paper anniversary issue  got out containing surprises and presents for its readers while the site (Сегодня.ua) suggested a new section named : 20 Years of Brand Segodnia. Our Favourite Paper is 20 Today containing a very special covering test so that the readers would be able to define their personality features.

Olga Guk, Editor-in Chief Segodnia (paper)

“A 20 year  life  for the brand, company, newspaper is an awfully great deal of time especially in our fast changing country. It is like years lived by  cats or dogs – a year is equal to five years minimum. So it is probably high time that we should celebrate our hundredth anniversary. Despite its considerable age the brand, however remains still young, creative,alive and that’s what makes us happy. We are ever changing, ever growing up stepping up the  work, especially its analytical part, becoming proactive  and  effective keeping in pace with our country. It is worth mentioning that at the same we don’t lose optimism, flexibility, mobility and ease. The anniversary issue presents  our memories of the most notable star guests and interesting interviews, half opening our back stage secrets, professional inner workings, illustrating the most unusual places visited by our correspondents. Moreover, we came up with 20 journalistic cocktails for you to share our celebrations.”

Lyudmila Dobrovolskaya ,Chief of Segodnia newscasts on Ukraina  TV Channel.

“SEGODNIA is a major multimedia platform in Ukraine, incorporating unique potential of the three media types: newspaper, I-net site and TV. The synergy makes it possible for us to continually reach our audiences with the form and timing  they find suitable and comfortable. Besides, they themselves choose the information channel since  they don’t need to take to radio and TV zipping, paging through a great deal of sites. We accumulate the useful and interesting info. We are here for you so that you learn from us everything you need to know, moreover, everything which is really important to know. Segodnia’s newscasts is part of Segodnia’s single brand. Multifunctional studio, state of the art equipment and data transfer technologies are at our disposal and therefore we are well equipped to promptly cover any event worldwide due to 3D graphics.” 

Oleg Doroshenko, Editor-in Chief, News, Сегодня.ua site.

“Our brand is 20 years old today. So there is no doubt that our site (Сегодня.ua) has been operating for a half of this period – 10 years.  It was first established as the newspaper’s online version to become  one of the major sites in Ukraine boasting its vast audiences.  By saying this we don’t mean only mass media, we mean our country’s I-net space as a whole. As of today our site operates as a single platform providing in-house products, newspaper publications and TV  newscasts aired by Ukraina Channel. It is also worth mentioning that close cooperation among the site, newspaper and channel is carried out at all and any stages  ranging from planning to exchange of materials , commentaries and insites. We combine our efforts when developing sites in social networks: you may come across our materials on Segodnia pages and Segodnia Life in Facebook, follow us in Tweeter, receive the news  from the Telegram account, watch the channel on You Tube. Ever more Ukrainians are visiting our site  month in month out. We issue hundreds materials a day in Russian and Ukrainian  round-the-clock. It is only due to our tight-knit and highly professional team that we have attained such results because each and every team member  is  targeted at the end product and Сегодня. ua leadership.”

Congratulating the tight-knit and highly effective team on the occasion of the brand anniversary.