Yevheniy Lyashchenko: We are well prepared to switch over to digital television in 2018

Published Fr, 15 December 2017, 17:09

Ukraine’s media business is characterized by a fierce competition level especially as compared to other markets.  Media managers are supposed to bear in mind a number of meaningful factors, such as consumer sentiments and state –of-the-art technologies. Besides – and it is of no less importance – they are obligated to monitor regulatory standards -many and diverse - actively initiated in terms of legislation. Moreover, they have to get adapted to the norms and standards of the kind. It was Yevheniy Lyashchenko who told us how to stay ahead of the game under the stringent conditions.

Евгений Лященко 6

Q.: Would you dwell upon 2017?  How was it for MGU? Comment on your achievements and failures, if any?

We have found our way and we are moving forward. This is the most important thing. We have a vision and business strategy to implement. While recent years have been characterized by constant changes, by attempts to fight the challenges faced , the year of  2016  was when we started to move forward at last.  As of now we have a feeling that we don’t only response to challenges from the outside, i.e. market events, legislative changes. All of them remain in place, but we, however , are following our own scenario. We have launched a number of projects and transformation processes being implemented despite the prevailing circumstances.

Q.: Would you characterize the year of 2017 as that of “adaptation” ?

- No, not in the least. It’s rather an active transformation year for MGU. We proceed with a few projects and improve the process which help achieve new business horizons, on the one part, and avoid excessive costs  required to introduce legal norms,  to fight competition risks arising every other day. MGU does live in the midst of constant transformation process without  being intimidated by difficulties.

Q.: The market as such deemed it quite a landmark when MGU incorporated all its news services and resources under the brand name of Siogodni. Would you comment on the incorporation effects if any?

The news branding and studio re-equipment looked quite impressive and everybody and everyone has noticed it. However, I can’t say that the Group has finally completed the incorporation process covering news services and resources. We are still at the beginning of the way to go!  Why have we done it, i.e. incorporated the three projects under the sole brand of Siogodni?

Any newscasts should be present on all platforms where the news is consumed by the audience, that’s , first and foremost. These are TV news, news in I-net , in social networks, in messengers. TV newscasts are subject to further development – that’s the challenge we’ve been faced with. Besides, establishment of a single multimedia news platform is a worldwide trend. Given we have already had, a strong news brand nobody would doubt our choice: we put the TV newscasts within the Segodnya brand.

Would you give more detail on your plans related to OLL.TV and the digital sphere in general? Any particular changes to be expected in the nearest future?

We are in the midst of dividing Digital Screens in two business areas: a service provider directly controlling OLL.TV and Xtra TV, a satellite operator. The latter entity would address issues, such as: the brand build up, the subscriber base development,  higher  financial performance.

The other business area: development of international innovative projects. We have already presented a few channels for a worldwide distribution. By this year-end we would overcome a few technical and legal obstacles. We are very well in the know of the current demand for such products and the market as such.

We might boast quite a successful experience in launching products for telecom and mobile operators, i.e. mobile app for Vodafone and media service for Ukrtelecom.  We offer the service to market players worldwide and might say that the offer is quite popular. We have already made a preliminary arrangement with a foreign operator. What we do now is offering our services in the capacity of a technological development partner with a platform of its own.