Media Group Ukriane - exclusive presenter of the world renowed serieals in Ukrain's market

Published Fr, 29 December 2017, 23:19

While acting in cooperation with Amedioteka,  MGU  launches the exclusive serial content distribution in Ukraine  including products, such as those made by HBO, Showtime, Starz and other majors given that Amedioteka is the segment leader in CIS countries. 


“MGU views it as one more instrumental   step in strengthening Ukraine’s legal content distribution market. Moreover, it is sure quite an event for the market as such.  Thus far, the serial content most welcome by the audience has been actually non-existent in Ukraine. Serials such as Game of the Thrones, The Walking Dead, etc.  could hardly be illustrative in the case since they have been viewed (if, though)  on pay TV channels. There is actually  no place to watch the VOD serial content .However,  Netflix  initiated  an attempt to meet the challenge without any notable success, though, because the products offered have not been duly adapted for Ukraine either in terms of choice and language or in terms of prices.

What we are doing today is bringing top serial products to Ukraine.  This is a unique proposal for a number of reasons.  Firstly, this is not just a library of what is hot and happening but also regular premieres  of new serials, seasons and episodes to be shown simultaneously ( in most cases) with their relevant world premieres, meaning  that new products would appear a few times a week  being long wished  for, I dare say, event by pirates. Secondly, a monthly subscription price is to amount to hryvnia 99, which is a third as much as Netflix’s. Thirdly, all serials are voiced over in Russian and we are planning the Ukrainian voice over for the most popular products only”, – commented Aleksandr Kurakin, Director for Business Development, MGU.

December 29 is the opening date for the Amediateka serial service subscription as suggested by OLL.TV. Its monthly fee shall amount to hryvnia 99 for 100 items, a few seasons each, totaling 2,000 hours all in all, including regular new products and premieres.