TV channel "Ukraina" preps original makeover show for spring

Published Mon, 5 February 2018, 14:07

This spring "Ukraina" will launch a new, original makeover show - Mission:Beauty. This is the first makeover show in Ukraine that features couples - a man and a woman. 
"The idea of the project was born from the feeling that Ukrainians under the pressure of the circumstances of recent years have begun to underestimate themselves so much that is already acquired the scale of the catastrophe. We are afraid to stand out of the crowd, be bright and self-confident, as the result - we have millions of tired, upset people in black and grey clothes and with the same mood. We decided that it is time to change this and to return the Ukrainians love for themselves. Now or they say", - noted the creative producer of the project Oksana Tunik.
Mission:Beauty will be the 1st Ukrainian makeover, in which the participants will be a couple whose long relationships under the influence of time and everyday problems lost passions and romance, where one of the partners wants to change themselves, their soul mate and live for the better.