Yuliya Kostetckaya : The advertising market dynamics stands a good chance to reach +25-30%

Published Fr, 9 February 2018, 13:54


How did the Media Group Ukraine perform as of the year end?

As Head of the Media Group Ukraine sales house I might say that the year of 2017 was quite successful in the advertising monetization. And both the companies, i.e. Mediapartnerstvo (Media Partnership) and Media Group Ukraine did  cope  with the challenges faced last year. As of the year end  the Ukraine TV Channel proved to be undisputed leader for the three audiences: 18-54, 50,000+, 18+, 50,000+ and 4+ (All Ukraine).  NLO TV (a channel for youth) and Indigo TV (a niche channel) show sustainable growth rates. The Mediapartnerstvo team implemented a number of attractive non-standard projects, both  sponsored and special ones, on the Media Group channels, thus making a solid foundation for the sales start of 2018.  It is worth noting that non-TV resources, such as VOGUE ad Segodnia did justify the 2017 expectations in audiences and advertising revenues, both in print and online. Their final revenues  exceeded the expectations.

What about the forecasts for 2018?

Speaking of the advertising market growth, we may stress reasons for hopeful forecasts. Private consumption growth, return on foreign investments in Ukraine, inflation – that’s to name just a few of them. Judging from new requests (provisionally confirmed) we might observe a 25% growth in all Group’s media resources as compared to last year. And don’t forget, this is only the year start. Given the trend continues and  the economic balance prevails there are all chances for the advertising market to show a 25%-30% growth.

Are you planning to promote TV sponsorship in 2018 or would you prefer to focus on other areas? And if yes, which in particular?

Further promotion of TV sponsorship sales is one of the MGU priority areas. No doubt about it.  Therefore we try to strengthen the sponsorship team within the sales house and within TV channels as well. Besides, we open up new possibilities for sponsorship within shows, such as Utro, humor shows on NLO TV, within in-house serials on Ukraine. Speaking of the advertising monetization I would like to mention a few other areas to rely and focus on  in 2018. They are no less important, though , and namely, further improvement of sites, such as segodnya.ua and vogue.ua. which would have new designs in 2018 thus promoting their leadership and offering new communication formats and possibilities.

The TV channels’s sites would be given a new look. Starting the 2nd quarter the users would be there in search of interesting content covering not only significant events,  but lifestyle issues, such as beauty, fitness, travels, etc.  These heavy innovations would not be in prejudice of traditional materials, such as broadcast live, video library, etc. No, not in the least.

The VOGUE project in Ukraine would celebrate its fifth anniversary in 2018. We would like to honor the date by publishing a limited collectors’ edition of Ukrayina v mode  ( Ukraine in fashion) which would be sold on Amazon and not only there.  We are also planning a few other cultural and partners’ projects open for potential sponsors.

According to the data provided by Nielsen, TV viewing rates in Ukraine are in for further decline and the TV channels’ are losing in coverage. Are you addressing the risks and how?

We are proactive in content investments, we develop new distribution channels, step up our efforts so as to turn up exactly where our content is viewed and sought for by the audience.

SEGODNYA , the first in this country multimedia project was launched less than a year ago. Have you drawn up any strategy to sell advertising on all the three platforms?

Yes, we have. Apart from cross platform projects we intervene the market with cross-media advertising solutions.