Ukraine TV channel: Glavnaya Tema and Sobytiya Nedeli – best TV shows on Ukrianian's TV since year start

Published Thu, 15 February 2018, 14:39

Glavnaya Tema  (Main Theme) with Yelena Kot  released on February 11 became the best TV show on Ukraine’s TV since the 2018 start.**  The show performance data are as follow: For audience 18+( cities 50,000+ ) - share (shr%) 23.12** rating ( rat%) 10.80**  with the release audience accounting for nearly 5.7 mln. viewers all in all.***

With the a.m. show being a hard hitting social programme anyway , its release  of 11 February addressed a new pension reform which is a pressing matter of the day in Ukraine. Yelena Kot (a host and author) together with experts on the issue in studio  were trying to clarify who might expect  pension valorizations this year, what is the way to the pension accounting increase and who is entitled  to recalculation of the rate of a retirement pension.


Sobytiya Nedeli with Oleg Panyuta , a  weekly analytical newscast produced by Ukraine TV Channel  ranked second on the top list performing as below: share (shr%) 22.58** rating ( rat%) 9.83**.

Thus the week of 5 through 11 February became the record-breaking event for Ukraine TV Channel since 2014 with the relevant performance data being as follows: for 18+( 50,000+ )  average  share (shr%) 16.19** rating ( rat%) 3.07**. 

**Performance data have been  calculated for audiences 18+ , sampling 50,000+;

***Performance data have been  calculated for audiences 4+ , sampling all Ukraine;

The audience research data belong with ITC; with  Nielesen being the panel operator ; monitoring – by Kommunikatuvnyi Aliyans. The data provided by Ukraine TV Channel. The data provisional as of February 11,2018: shr - 16,19%**, rat%- 3,07%.