New Season by NLO TV

Published Mon, 5 March 2018, 14:33

Spring will tell which premieres are the coolest! It was on March 1 that NLO TV presented its new season. The spring content offers youth sitcom premiers, travel shows; announced were also a cartoon line-up and further work on full-length features.

The press-brunch saw “the world and his wife”: producers, directors and actors getting together to present the projects that might cheer up whatever the weather.




Ivan Bukreyev , NLO TV Director,  gave a detailed account on quality in-house youth  products to be aired this season : “It is for the first time that such a great number of new in-house sitcoms would be aired at the same time and in particular: 110 premiere episodes of a few projects, such as Kuratory (Curators) Zariazhennye(The Energized)  Defektivy  (Defectives), new  Super Cops episodes.  I am happy, indeed , that  with all  that bunch  of new products we will proceed to work on  the sequels and start the filming for new seasons. It is worth noting that all our products are made in Ukrainian only and solely.  While commenting on the “linguistic” aspect I would not like to be dishonest: to a certain degree it  is caused by the mandatory quota regulations. But that’s the way we’ve had to go for a long time. We’ve been in search of the right projects, right people, those ready to film and to be filmed. I hope it is only the beginning and only a part of the projects we would address in the nearest future.”

When presenting Kuratory (Curators) its  showrunners Roman Gryshchuk and  Ivan Melashenko assured that it would catch your fancy anyway  if you have ever been a student; the sitcom actors –at least some of them- were in attendance: Yevheniy Yanovytch, Oleg Maslyuk, Serine Sianosian Nastia Korol, Martin Fieldman and Sandro Mateush

Satnislav Kotliar ,  producer, presented Aziatsky Check-in (“Asian Check-in”), a travel show, and spoke on the show displaying a true life in hot countries. Stanislav Korliar  also held his hands  to a new surprise serial about young  people with exceptional abilities Zariazhennye (The Energized). The serial would actually energize you, that’s what the producer promised and so also said actors, such as  Ketevan Zhebokrytskaya, Dasha Petrozhitakaya and Vladislav Pisarenko.

Commenting on Supercops -4 and  Defectives producer Andrey Burym and director Aleksandr Bogdanenko complained that there is no word for “peredelka” (sort of hash-up) in Ukrainian meaning that their work required all their time, heart and soul. Producer Viacheslav Dergachev came to convince the audience that both (Supercops and Defectives) would be real fun. A number of actors came to illustrate the idea and in particular: Feliks Abroskin, Dmitriy Solovyov, Yekaterina Butzkaya, Hennadiy Vasilemko from the Defectives and  Olga Storozhuk, Victoria Varley, Taras Tzymbalyuk, Alisa Klyushkina from Super Cops-4.

Ivanna Onufriychuk ,a host from Bez kravatki (Without a Tie) also attended the event; she was accompanied by Serge Kunitsyn , producer also hostof Ottak master (Here comes the boss). Both of them will proceed to surprise and entertain the audience.

To top it off Ivan Bukreyev told the audience about Opasnaya Zona (Dangerous Zone) and Chortovyiki,  both in-house produced cartoons, which are just around the corner.  The filming of Class Reunion a full length feature, will be launched in March. Its released is scheduled  on the first Saturday of February, 2019