Channel Ukraine - 25 Years On Air

Published Tue, 13 March 2018, 14:51

13 March marks 25 years since Channel Ukraine first went on air. The Ukraine TV Channel story is that of success. Ukraine – is today’s  leader among this country’s TV Channels in all main audiences.

The Ukraine TV Channel was steadily maintaining leadership in 2017 with the following performance data for 18-54 , (cities 50,000+) viewed as commercially significant audience and in particular: 10.65% -share and1.46 – rating; as to the 18+(50,000+ audience) its share accounted for 13% and rating – 2.3%/. The Channel’s ratings data showed actually a twofold increase over the last ten years.

TV Channel Ukraine  - Success Story *


The share dynamics (%) 2010-2017. 18-54 (cities 50,000+) audience

“At the age of 25 our Channel is confidently ranking first in Ukraine’s TV environment. The result has been achieved primarily due to viewer –first attitude, since we spare no effort to meet our viewers interests and needs  by offering them a quality premiere product. Our anniversary year will be best remembered by its starry premiere content and the number of premieres will significantly exceed 25. Misiya: Krasa (Mission: Beauty) is a makeover show to be aired quite before long with the project  based on the Ukraine TV Channel own format. New episodes of a popular humour Show Bratiya Shumahery (The Schumacher Brothers Show) are waiting their turn. We will proceed with a range of hard-hitting socially significant programmes, such as Golovnna Tema (Main Theme )  and   Kontroler (Controller). We will also broadcast qualifying rounds of Ukraine’s National Football Team. Another football super event is awaiting our viewers at the end of May – the Champions League final. And as usual we will delight our viewers with quite a few serial premieres, over sixty to be precise”, –commented Viktoriya Korogod , Head of   Ukraine  TV Channel.

The Channel Ukraine was first presented to the inhabitants of Donetsk as far back as in 1993 and it was in 2008 that the Channel moved to Kiev. Today Ukraine’s viewers give preference to Govoryt Ukrayina (Here’s Ukraine) hosted by Oleksiy Sukhanov, Ranok z Ukrayinoyu  (Morning with Ukraine) broadcast live, hard-hitting public service programmes, such as Golovna Tema (Main Theme) with Olena Kot and Kontroler (Controller) with Yaroslav Kutz , Sobytiya Nedeli (Weekly Events) , a news round-up hosted by Oleksiy Panyuta, Zirkovy Shliakh (Star Road) , success stories with Alexander Skichko and Alena Vinnitskaya. Captivating daytime and primetime serials, weekend motion picture shows  also greatly contribute to the Channel’s success; spectacular large scale shows, such as Show bratiyev Shimakherov (The Schumacher Brothers Show) , Muzykalnaya Platforma (Musical Platform) are also worth mentioning in this respect. Nearly all of the TV Channel’s projects are leaders in their respective slots.

TV Channel Ukraine is a part of  Media Group Ukraine, a media holding owned by System Capital Management, a diversified Ukrainian Group with Rinat Akhmetov owning its 100% shares.

“Channel Ukraine – is our Media Group’s flagship. Its success story is truly a unique example in this country’s media market: just to think of a minor regional broadcaster to turn into one of this country’s major channels, favoured by millions of viewers. The phenomenon called for efforts, expertise and creative endeavor of all and any team members. Qualifications save explanations. By saying this we do not mean talents alone but those who remain unseen by the viewers: directors, camera men, editors, the sound people, etc. It is only this year that the Ukraine TV Channel would air more than 1600 hours of its in-house content. Therefore it is high time that we should express our deepest gratitude to those who create our quality homemade TV product,” – spotlighted Yevheniy Liashchenko, Director, Media Group Ukraine.

More than one thousand persons strain every effort to produce our in-house products and ensure the Channel’s smooth and non-stop operations. All of them are innovators, trying things out, never fearing experiments in TV genres, so many and diverse, creating products appealing to millions of viewers, in fact reshaping their lives.

TV Channel Ukraine is not leading solely in ratings and in-house production. It is the first one among TOP-6 nationwide channels to have launched broadcasting in the wide-format 16:9, also the first one among those represented on YouTube to have boasted of one billion reviews. Speaking of the TV Channel’s prospects we are not only plan to hold leadership in this country’s TV environment but also reach an ever growing number of viewers on various communications platforms.

Ukraine TV Channel – 25 Years on Air !

*The data assessed for the 18-54 audience; sampling 50,000+

**The data assessed for audiences 18+; sampling 50,000 +

The research data belong with the TV Industrial Committee with Nielsen as the panel operator and monitoring by Communicating Alliance. The data presented by the Ukraine TV Channel. The data is final, assessed by rat %, shr%; the data detailed in the TV Industrial Committee glossary.