New Season of Agenty Spravedlivosti – Successful Start

Published Thu, 29 March 2018, 15:50

Agenty  Spravedlivosti (Agents of Justice), an in-house produced  detective story procedural  has been  successfully launched for the fifth time on Ukraine TV Channel . Premiere episodes have already won the viewers’ hearts while showing record-setting performance data at the season start.

Episode 1 has shown 20.24%* in share for 18-54 (50,000+)** . Thus the share has been subject to a 3 time increase as compared to the procedural start in 2016.

Агенти справедливості 5

A number of pleasant surprises are awaiting the procedural’s viewers   and some of them will be associated with the main heroes’  private lives and their relationships. The  Agenty  Spravedlivosti production team promise to  delight its fans with new characters, unforgettable adventures and captivating stories. The female fans would be uneasy for a while waiting for a wedding day.  By the season end the agents will lose a few team members and Natalia Dzyubenko’s will  , on the contrary, change dramatically due to    a  very important person she would meet.

The show is produced by “Tele-Pro”, a production company.

*Performance data have been  calculated for audiences 18+ , sampling 50,000+;

**Performance data have been  calculated for audiences 4+ , sampling all Ukraine;

The audience research data belong with ITC; with  Nielesen being the panel operator ; monitoring – by Kommunikatuvnyi Aliyans.