Ukrayina Channel – Leader in TV Viewing for First Quarter

Published Mon, 2 April 2018, 14:17

At the end of the first year quarter the Ukrayina TV Channel performed as follows: 11.26* in share (shr%) and 1.68% * in rating  for 18-54 (50,000 +); 11-26%* in average share (shr.%)  and  14.93,** in share  and 2.85**.

As of the end of March the Chhannel  also ranked first  performing as follows: for 18-54 (50,000 +) average share (shr.%) – 11.28* , rating (rat) 1.67%*; for 18+ (50,000+) average share – 15.16,** rating 2.90**.

The TV Channel final success was actually composed of high performance due to hard-hitting and information analytical shows , such as : Glavnaya Tema (Main  Theme) hosted by Yelena Kot, Sobytiya Nedeli ( Weekly Events) hosted by Oleg Panyuta, Govorit Ukrayina (Here is Ukraine) with Aleksey Sukhanov ; a few programmes , such as Zirkovy Shliakh ( Star Road) and Ranok with Ukrayina (Morning with Ukraine)  have contributed to the successful start of the spring season; prime time serials and week end motion pictures, broadcasts of most interesting football matches within the UEFA Champions League  and UEFA League of Europe also greatly promoted the achievements.

Glavnaya Tema (Main  Theme) of February 11 hosted by Yelena Kot, became the best one on Ukraine’s TV since the year start scoring 23.24% in  share ( shr%) and 10.87 % in rating for 18+( 50,000 +) with nearly 5.7 Ukrainians  watching the show. Govoryt Ukrayina (Here is Ukraine) of February 15 called  Imia dlia Nadezhdy (The Name for Hope) was actually record-setting for the two audiences and in particular: 18-54 (Cities 50,000+) and  18+ (cities 50,000+)  showing 15.6,** and 21.09 % **  in share ( shr%) , respectively, with the audience totaling nearly 5.6 mln.viewers.

Morning, daytime and  prime time in house projects helped the TV Channel become the leader in viewers preferences.

Zirkovy Shliakh ( Star Road), Realna Mistyka (Real Mystics)  Svekrukha chy Nevistka (Mother in Law or Daughter in Law) , Segodnia , news broadcast , Agenty Spravedlivosti ( Agents of Justice) have ranked first  in their respective slots; prime time series and week end films  have also contributed to the Channel’s leading positions, e.g.  Ptichka Pevchaya (Chat), Sestra v Nasledstvo (Inherited sister)   Krov Angela (Angel’s Blood)

Nuzhen Muzhchina (In Need of Man), Vtoroye Dykhaniye ( The Second Wind)

Speaking of TV series one can’t overlook Obruchka z Rubinom (Ruby Ring) an in-house made product based on the Korean format which was watched by more than 21 mln viewers  in the 1st year quarter. Agenty Spravedlivosti (Agents of Justice) has made a successful start for the fifth season running scoring 19.96% and 23.58% in share for 18-54 (50,000+) and  18+ ((50,000+)  , respectively.