Olena Shvoriak Appionted Marketing Director for Ukrayina

Published Wed, 11 April 2018, 12:25


Starting April 10, 2018 Olena Shovoriak was appointed the Ukrayina TV Channel Marketing Director. As to Tetiana Svetlova, a  former Marketing Director, she chose to  resign.

“We welcome Olena joining our team. We are sure that her previous vast experience and knowledge would enable her to effectively work so as to promote our marketing area, offer new creative ideas contributing to our Channel’s leading position on the market. We would also like to express our deepest gratitude to Tatiana for her effort aimed at the Channel’s brand development and wish her success”, said Viktoria Korogod , Head, Ukrayina TV Channel.


Olena Shvoriak has engaged herself in marketing for 17 years . She was employed as Marketing Director for Unilever- Ukraine. As Marketing Director for  the Ukrayina TV Channel  Olena would be in charge of effective marketing strategy to be drawn up and pursued; she would also manage and control the brand development strategy while strengthening the link between marketing and other company’s functions.

“I am well aware of the responsibility  vested in me in connection with my new employment. To develop and promote the leading and growing brand is always a challenge. I am of the opinion that the experience of this highly successful team and my previous experience in world brands’ marketing would account for the synergy which would in its turn result in a new impetus for further development while strengthening Ukrayina’s position as the viewers favourite all over Ukraine.”, Olena Shvoriak said while sharing her nearest plans.

Tetiana Svetlova came to the Channel as Director, Department for Brand and Products promotion in November 2015 to be quite soon (April 2017)appointed as Marketing Director and now she has chosen to resign. .

“I am grateful to the TV Channel for the three ears of valuable experience, development, ambitious goals and incredible drive I felt when managed to meet the goal. But today it is high time that I should leave and meet new  meet new challenges, I wish my colleagues to move forward to further achievements and high performance”. That’s how she commented on the issue.