Xtra TV: Start of Transfer to Cardless Encrypting

Published Fr, 27 April 2018, 14:46

Own tuners as the main access to its service  instead of habitual cards. That’s what is offered by Xtra TV, a satellite TV provider, starting this May.


When starting its business  Xtra TV viewed a card access system   as an advantage and privilege while it was compatible  with a majority of satellite tuners thus allowing to reach  a wider audience.    The system’s side effect,  such as cardsharing  was , however , brought to life .

“As of today it is high time that  the  Xtra TV new development stage  should be introduced since the media group channels are to  be  encrypted on the satellite before long and therefore  Xtra TV is intent to shut down  its own cardsharing. By the year end all channels accessible in  Xtra TV will switch over to Verimatrix encryption and you might say goodbye to  the cards  for all,” says Oleksiy Kurakin, MGU  Director for Development.

“ This autumn, following the media group channels encryption on the satellite new Xtra TV satellite tuners  would  enable its  users  to watch popular channels without replacement of the old equipment. The tuner will therefore function as a universal device.  It will also enable the viewers  to watch the programming in HD quality which is quite relevant for the market   offering  rather outdated  devices for receiving satellite TV. Our users will be offered special price terms and thus new devices would become a good bargain  for those who favour satellite television in Ukraine.”, says Borys Danylov, Director , Digital Screens (a company owner of Xtra TV).