Olena Batenko- New Brand Manager for Siogodni

Published Tue, 8 May 2018, 17:15

Olena Batenko has joined the professional team of Siogodni ,a multimedia platform, one of the most reputable in Ukraine’s media market . As its brand manager Olena Batenko would  be in charge for its further growth  in terms of influence and trustworthiness, for its promotion among proactive target audiences, strengthening its public value and significance.

While commenting on the latest appointment Oleksandr Semyriadchenko, MGU general producer  says: “Olena would make an effort to  improve the image and perception of   Siogodni as an offer of content that has  won popularity and respect  for its credibility and impartiality so that its audience would find everything that they need to know within the framework of the news programme.  Moreover we are  eager to  see our meaningful , thoughtful, and modern  target audience showing their increased need for  information , analytics and expert’s review that are covered, gathered and distributed by Siogodni. Besides, when commissioned with the task of the brand promotion  Olena is supposed to be aware of all-inclusive  character since Siogodni functions on a number of platforms  ranging from traditional ( print media, TV)  to digital segments .Our colleague would have to consolidate the deep-rooted and well-established perception of Siogodni as the unique phenomenon.  She is very well equipped to meet the challenge: MGU resource on the one hand and her own potential on the other hand. Olena’s direct involvement with our activities would be of mutual benefit to both  parties, since our team has been joined by a vastly experienced professional with a fresh approach to business and inexhaustible creative endeavor.

Olena Batenko is a senior teacher at NAOMA (National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture), Member of Ukraine’s Artists Union, vastly experienced in media operations ; has been at the head of ICTV promo and design for 8 years; Promax  & BDA member since 2012, repeatedly acting as its jury member. 

Olena Batenko, Siogodni  brand manager “To have joined one of the strongest teams on Ukraine’s media market is a new step in my professional life. I am faced with  a real challenge which may  be met solely within a well-knit team. Siogodni is a modern dynamic brand. Its main value is those who have and are creating it. I am sure that my previous experience in the TV business would help contribute to the brand further promotion and consolidation.”