Football1/Football 2 : ambitious plans on the eve of the Champions League Final

Published Tue, 15 May 2018, 15:05

It is for the first time in history that Ukraine’s capital would   host   the final of the most prestigious European  Club  Football  Tournament .   The “head-to-head” battle between the greatest  European  teams will take place at the Kyiv  Olimpiysky  stadium   to be broadcast live on Football 1 TV Channel.


Football1/Football2 TV Channels  have been awarded the host broadcaster  status  which  enables them  to fully produce the female Champions League Final  and to be presented as  partners at the UEFA Champions Fest  bound to be held on Khreshchatyk  Street on 24-27 May. A special  Football 1/Football 2 zone would help viewers  immerse themselves in the football television world , take on roles of hosts, commentators and experts.


Winning the host broadcaster status was not an easy task at all.  We used to broadcast the Champions League matches but the final is quite a different story. A great number of issues were to be arranged   and agreed with UEFA. The female Champions League matches would be broadcast worldwide by nobody else but us  and  we had made every effort to achieve this,  - said Oleksandr Denysov , Director, Football 1/Football 2, -  We invite all and everyone to visit  the Champions League Fan Festival  where   our location would become a  virtual tour of  a TV  station enabling  each of you to take a role of  hosts for shows, such as  Velykyi Futbol (Big Football) or of a football player interviewed directly after a match or a live broadcast  director.  projects Besides, photo sessions would be offered  as well as conversations with  personalities from  Velykyi  Futbol and other, such as Football NEWS,  Typ. ONLINE ,  Champions League Night and others.

All guests of the  Football1/Football 2 fan zones would have a chance to make a picture signed  by UEFA ambassadors and football stars. All those activities would be also accessible  for people with disabilities due to wheel chair ramps.

On May 25 the Fan Festival  zone  would become the venue for a  Champions Tournament scoring  legends of teams such as Real, Liverpool, also  legends of the Champions League and the team of Andriy Shevchenko’s friends. The tournament would include two semi-finals , a match for the third and fourth  places and  the final at last. Football1/Football 2 would broadcast live all the matches.

On May 26  The Football Channels Tournament would be held  scoring teams, such as Real and Liverpool fans, a veteran team and  the Football  Channels team. The matches are scheduled to start at 1.15 AM.

In the course of the Kyiv Champions League Final   the Football 1/  Football 2  airtime would be fully and completely devoted to  the world most prestigious club tournament.

On May 23 the audience would have a rare chance of being present at the pre-match press conferences and trainins sessions of both Wolfsburg and Lion alike, both female teams.

On May 24 – their  final’s  date -  a special studio would lunch its operations  hosted by Alla Bubliy and Yevhen Levchenko,  with experts invited, such as Iya Andrushchak,  Olga Ovdiychuk and Kateryna Monzul and journalists, such as  Elia Ivanyukovych and Vlada Shcheglova.

The final match would start at 6.45 P.M. worked  by Andriy Stolyarchuk.

The next day  would make  all viewers focus their attention on the male (?) Champions League final  and again Football1/Football 2 would broadcast all and everything ranging  from the match as such to after match celebrations.

With the final male match starting at 7 P.M. on May 26  Champions League Night Studio  hosted by Vitaliy Pletzak would start its telecast 2 hours before the event ; invited would be experts, such as Viacheslav Shevchuk and Mykhailo Metreveli. The match would be worked by Viktor Vatzko. 

“This is my  fourth final and  it is a matter of  honour  for any commentator to work the final match. I am of the opinion  the Champions League Final  is on  par with the World Cup and European Cup. This  is  the biggest tournament on the club level. I am grateful to the Football TV Channel  for the opportunity and chance offered to me.  Apart from the honour  vested it is sure  a great responsibility,  for the match is to be held in my native country and in the city that has become my home”,said Viktor  Vatzko. 

Champions Fest, a special project  bound to start at 10.20 A.M. directly following  Football News  would become a key element of the four day marathon.

The four  day marathon would be summed in  Velykyi  Futbol  show   hosted by Oleksandr Denysov  on May 27.