TV Channel Ukraine - Indisputable Leader in TV Viewing for Half-Year Period

Published Wed, 4 July 2018, 17:04

Based on the results of the first half-year period  the  TV Channel Ukriane  holds the leading position among Ukraine’s TOP-6 TV Channels for main audiences, such as 18-54 (cities  50,000+) and 18+ (cities  50,000+) and, in particular, it showed 11.62% * in share (shr%)  and  1.56% in rating  and 15.33%** in share and 2.65%** in rating for 18-54 (cities  50,000+) and 18+ (cities  50,000+), respectively. It is worth noting  that  on  the 26th week (June 25 – July1) the Channel’s  performance accounted for  13.41%* in share for  18-54 (cities  50,000+) which makes it the leader among the TOP-6 Ukrainian TV Channels since 2014.


The  fact that TV Channel Ukriane  is holding the leading positions for the two years in succession speaks for itself and proves that our team is very well aware of the audience demands and is able to foresee its expectations. The majority of our projects have unprecedented performance data. The Glavnaya Tema (Main Theme) episode on a new pension reform has become this year’s best show on Ukraine’s television as such. A few episodes of shows, such as Govoryt Ukrayina (Here Is Ukraine), Ahenty Spravedlyvosti (Agents of Justice), Realna Mistyka (Real Mystics), Istoriya Odnogo Zlochynu (A Story of a Crime) became record breakers. All our new in-house projects became the audience darlings. We are proactive in developing and promoting entertainment projects which proves to be paying since for example our festivity show to mark the Champions League with John Newman as headliner was watched by  5.2 mln viewers.*** A new season would bring about a few even more  pleasant surprises for our viewers”,  said Viktoriya Korogod, Director, TV Channel Ukraine.

It’s worth noting that there are a number of contributors to the TV Channel high performance data and namely: in-house projects (morning, daytime and prime time),  star shows,  multi-genre series, weekend motion picture shows, exclusive broadcasts of our national football team matches within the framework of the Europa League and UEFA Champions League, broadcast of the Champions League Kyiv final, spectacular entertainment shows, information and analytical shows, public service shows focusing on burning social issues.

Speaking of the respective slot leaders in the first half-year period for both the audiences */ ** we would like to mention news broadcasts Siogodni (Today) , projects, such as Misiya “Krasa” (Mission: Beauty), Glavnaya Tema, Ahenty Spravedlyvosti, Zirkovy Shliakh (Star Road) , Realna Mistyka, Istoriya Odnogo Zlochynu,  the serials’  premiers shown  on weekdays and weekends alike. Thus, performance data shown by  Siogodni at 3 P.M. accounted for 13.83%* and 19.04% **  for 18-54 (cities  50,000+)  and 18+ (cities  50,000+) , respectively,   with its 7 P.M. release reaching - 11.07%*  and 16.14**, respectively,  and 11P.M. release – 11.03% and 15,64%, respectively; Misiya “Krasa” (Tele Pro) reached -12.12%* and 14.02%**; Ahenty Spravedlyvosti (Tele Pro) -15.16%* and  19.94%**; Zirkovy Shliakh (Star Road) – 13.39%* and 15.08%**; Realna Mistyka  (Tele Pro) – 14.22% * and 16.34%**; Istoriya Odnogo Zlochynu (Tele Pro)  -12.97%* and  18.71%**;  Chergovy Likar (Duty Doctor), produced by Film UA – 12.98%* and 17.19%**.

The live broadcast of the Real-Liverpool Champions League final was an unprecedented success showing 27.44%* and 28.27%** in share for 18-54 (cities  50,000+) and 18+ (cities  50,000+), respectively. As to the Liga Zirok (League of Stars) festive show with John Newman   as headliner it reached 15.29%* and 16.28%** in share for 18-54 (cities  50,000+) and 18+ (cities  50,000+), respectively.

It has become a tradition for premieres ( daytime, prime time series and weekend motion picture shows) to account for high performance data and in particular: Ahenty Spravedlyvosti Seson 5 (Tele Pro) -16.72%* and 21.35 %** in share;  Ptashka Spivocha (Song-birdie) produced by ABC Film – 14.6%* and 21.02**;  Sestra u Spadok (Sister by Inheritance) by Ukrainian Production Studios – 16.65%* and 21.05%; Krov Yangola (Angel’s Blood) by Ukrainian  Production Studio – 13.38%* and 19.27**; Potriben Cholovik (A Man Required) by Ivory – 15.47%* and 21.76%**; Podorozh do Tsentru Dushi (A Trip to the Center of Soul) by Star Media – 13.82%* and 19,39 %**;   Ametystova Sereszhka (Amethyst Earring) by Mammas Film Production -13.34%* and 19.27%**; Vynograd (Grapes) by Ukrainian Production Studio – 13.42%* and 17.35%**; Vsuperech Doli (Against the Fate) by Ukrainian Production Studio – 12.47%* and 18.03%**;  Dochky –Machukhy (Palying House with Stepmothers) by Star Media – 15.05%* and 19.64%**; Insha Ya (Another Me) by Ukrainian Production Studio – 14.86%* and 18.82%**; Sertse Slidchogo (Inspector’s Heart) by Star Media – 12.12% and 16.02%**, etc. Our viewers proved to be highly interested in Obruchka z Rubinom (Ruby Ring), a Ukrainian version based on the Korean format produced by Front Cinema assembling an audience of 22.36 mln. persons.

The off-prime of the TV Channel Ukraine also showed extremely high performance data assembling audiences, such as  21.98 mln. persons***, 19.7 mln. persons***; 20.48mln.persons*** and 20.34 mln persons*** with its in-house produced projects, such as Realna Mistyka,  Zirkovy Shliakh, Ahenty Spravedlyvosti , and Istoriya Odnogo Zlochynurespectively, in the course  of the first half-year period. Istoriya Odnogo Zlochynu, a documentary detective story series, and Ahenty Spravedlyvosti in its fifth season (both in-house products) proved to be the biggest record breakers in the course of the first half-year. The majority of their episodes have shown the highest performance data since their first airing and in particular:  Istoriya Odnogo Zlochynu  broadcast on April 26 accounted for 18.29%* in share and Ahenty Spravedlyvosti broadcast on April 24  accounted for 23.21%*. Realna Mistyka showed 20.7%* in share on April 19 which has become a record since its first airing;  Zirkovy Shliakh of June 25 showed 19.49%* in share – a record breaker for 2018; Misiya: Krasa of June 6 (the TV Channel’s in-house format)  became a record breaker  with the share accounting for 15.86%*.

Govoryt Ukrayina , a public service talk-show hosted by Oleksiy Sukhanov ranked first in its slot for 18+(50,000+) accounting for 16.36**% in share and assembling 25.8 mln viewers for the first 6 months***. A Name for Nadiya (A Name for Hope) , its episode of February 15,  became a record – breaker for two audiences  and in particular: 15.6%* and 21.00%** in share for  18-54 (cities  50,000+) and 18+ (cities  50,000+) assembling an audience of nearly 5.6 .mln. persons.

Golovna Tema of February 11 hosted by Ollena Kot has become the best show on Ukraine’s television since the year start showing 23.24%*  in share and 10.87%** in rating for 18+ (cities  50,000+), assembling an audience of nearly 5.7 .mln. persons***. With its premiere episode aired in January, Kontroler (Controller), a project focusing on most burning social issues hosted by Yaroslav Kutz, has been watched by   more than 9.91 ml viewers.

Sobytiya Nedeli (Weekly Events) hosted by Oleg Panyuta  ranked first in its slot for 18+ (cities  50,000+) reaching 17.9%** in share, assembling an audience of 20.22 mln viewers for the first six months of the current year.

*The data calculated for 18-54 , sampling  50,000+

** The data calculated for 18+ , sampling  50,000+

*** The data calculated for 4+, sampling All Ukraine

**** the data calculated for 18+ , sampling All Ukraine

TV audience research data belong with ITK with the panel operator being Nielsen and monitoring performed by Communication Alliance. The data is  provided by the Ukrayina TV Channel. The data of June 30 2018 are final and calculated by %shar, rat%, and COV#. The ITK Clossary contains a detailed information on the performance data and target audiences definition.