TV Channel Ukriane: Siogodni. Pidsumky with Oleg Panyuta* Launched on 19 August

Published Wed, 8 August 2018, 14:38

A retooled weekly news round-up Siogodni. Pidsumky with Oleg Panyuta* will be first aired by the TV Channel Ukraine on Sunday, August 19. The new version of the traditional weekly totals would offer a wider variety of issues, thus sustaining its well-known brand characterized by subtle analysis, commitment to verified facts and reasoned versions, suggesting more emphasis on the host’s analysis, conclusions by experts on landmarks of the week. Besides, all of it will be done in Ukrainian.


A refurbished weekly format – is just a stage within a well-conceived project aimed at promoting the TV Channel Ukriane broadcasting in spheres relating to information, analysis, society and politics, while strengthening Segodnia  (Today), its highly popular multiplatform information brand. The platforms synergy within the single brand would provide a unique opportunity for Siogodni. Pidsumky with Oleg Panyuta to get across to our audiences while doing it in a more convincing, clear, and many-sided way.

Brand Segodnia is stepping up expansion in this country’s media market. An update of the weekly news round-up which is bound to complete Segodnia as the news line-up, fully agrees with its development logic. Moreover the said retooled version is supposed to strengthen our leadership in the information-driven environment. Year by year, millions  of Ukraine’s TV viewers give preference to our information analysis projects which has been proven by our consistent high ratings. Oleg Panyuta would analyze nothing but major landmark events which are worth knowing and understanding by each and every one in our rapidly changing environment. While covering the events he would emphasize on implications for this country and its people. Under tough competition Siogodni. Pidsumky with Oleg Panyuta would provide our viewers with increased awareness and information minute after minute of airing. Despite intense rivalry on the market, we, nevertheless, hope to get more attention and trust on the part of our audiences”, - said Aleksandr Semiriadchenko, General Producer of News & Info, Media Group Ukraine.

Siogodni. Pidsumky with Oleg Panyuta  as reshaped would be characterized by an intensified analysis offered by its host , a wider range of issues significant  for Ukrainians and their everyday lives, by an up to date and user friendly visualization which would make our weekly summation of events more accessible for and easy to digest by our audiences. What is to remain intact is our balanced approach and outlook on life in this country and worldwide as well as the project’s prime objective: not only to deliver information and give a weekly account of events but to help viewers make sense of current issues, get the trustworthy information and  priorities straight and to make reasoned conclusions in the end.

“We are thus updating and reshaping our weekly news programme. We are intent to see that everything aired would further help our viewers to get their direction in the news turmoil. There is an issue to be left untouched in the news show: we are going to dwell on, what is of interest  to all and every one; and that’s first and foremost. Therefore we are going to be the primary source of information for our viewers, meaning the things which might have implications for their lives”, – commented Oleg Panyuta, author and host of the weekly news shows at TV Channel Ukriane.

Watch information and analysis show Siogodni. Pidsumky with Oleg Panyuta at 7P.M., Sundays on TV Channel Ukraine.

*Rating (rat%) – 6.55 for 18+(cities 50,000+) for the period of January through July 2018 – the highest performance data  among round about new shows on Ukraine’s television. The audience research data belong to the TV Industrial Committee providing it to the TV Channel Ukraine. The data is final. Look for more detailed data in the TV IC glossary