NLO TV Holding Briefle Contest

Published Fr, 10 August 2018, 15:04

Content as such involves a variety of people: some of them actually do the filming, others are engaged in distributing and broadcasting; there are also those carried away by daydreams of public acceptance and acclaim.  It is for those who are  eager to put their possibilities to test or get a chance to implement an ambitious project  that NLO TV, a youth Channel, holds Orange a motion picture contest.oranzh_nlotv

“This is not a contest for those who think narrowly and focus on stereotypes, quite the opposite it is meant  for innovative thinkers eager to make their own future and cultivate kindness to make it better . Therefore happy end is our only binding provision.  Everything is going to be OK -  this is the message for the audience we want them to send and their audience is mainly their peers and viewers of the NLO Channel”,  says Lyudmyla Gmyria, Brand Manager, NLO Chanel.

The Orange contest main programme is divided into three categories and in particular: Orange Film, OrangeVlog and Orange Story which account for different types of entries to be sent.

OrangeFilm – short length feature films; acceptable are  any genres, any actors, any camera types, even mobile phones ; up to 7 minute length;

Main award: airing within the ProKinoNaNLO show.

OrangeVlog – for those rich in original ideas for attachments; entries up to 3-5 minutes long;

Main award:   the attachment placement of on NLO TV youtube- channel.

OrangeStory – for those fertile in ideas and imagination but not able to film; scripts or synopses for mini movies (4-8) pages.

Entries accompanied by  relevant concept statements  to be sent at; deadline September 15, 2018. Remember: Happy End is the binding provision.

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