Nearly 100 Actors Cast for Leads in Secrets by TV Channel Ukraine

Published Thu, 20 December 2018, 17:00

“Secrets”, a 95 episode melodrama with a detective story component   based on the Croatian format and done in Ukrainian will premiere on Ukraine TV Channel   at the beginning of January. Panopticum Film Company as commissioned by Ukraine TV Channel produces the serial.


The work continued for 306 days, day after day with the shooting done on two sites and 80 filmmakers engaged simultaneously. Suffice it to say that catering alone accounted for 18,360 liters tea and coffee and 2,448 kg biscuits.

“The plot sets up in Western Ukraine as far back as 1944 and then scene shifts to today’s Ukraine of 2005, the main setting of the serial”, - comments Serhiy Kravetz, director and creative producer. According to him, the team had to put in great efforts so as to find the required props, such as arms of the 40-s and even an old cart to shut in a horse.

Top Ukrainian motion picture and theatre stars will appear in the serial and in particular: Rymma Zyubina, Serhiy Kalantai, Lessia Samayeva, Iryna Novak, Anastasiya Pustovit, Makar Tykhomyrov and others. Nearly 100 actors have been cast to play the leads.

Taemnyci_kanal Ukraina

“Speaking of the product I might say there have been a few things here   that make up a matter of principle to me and namely: it is done in Ukrainian and produced for the Ukrainian market and the shooting team is Ukrainian all along. Besides, I was aware of Serhiy Kalantai being my main partner and I love him dearly and fully respect as an actor, we know each other very well. Moreover, having read the script I became aware of the interesting story to be told. It differs greatly from what we are often faced in soap operas. There is a role to play here”, - revealed Rymma Zyubina.

It is worth noting that according to the plot Rymma Zyubina’s hero commits suicide. The actress had to literally put her neck in the noose. You may be sure, however, that none suffered when filming the scene.

Serhiy Kravetz who also acted as creative producer assisted by co-directors, such as Oleg Filipenko, Kateryna Nekrasova, Serhiy Sotnychenko, Yevhen Doronin with Maksym Bayev as Director of Photography and camera group, directed the serial: Serhiy Nykyforov, Oleksandr Varlamov and Pavlo Nebera.

The serial is based on the Croatian format and acquired from Freemantle, a British company. Tetian Gnyedash adapted the script for Ukraine TV Channel.

The serial main location – a stage in at the Dovzhenko Film Studios and it took the team 3 months to produce and install the set there.

The main characters Katia Gryshchuk and Mykola von Byusov became friends as kids when Mykola with his dad came to Stanov where Katia lived with her father. They made friends and fell for each other, but a terrible tragedy drove them apart for many years: Katia’s father suddenly and strangely disappeared and Mykola’s mother was killed. Mykola’s father found himself in jail accused of his wife’s murder. The boy was adopted by his grandmother and Katia was sent to orphanage by her aunt and uncle.

Having become an investigator Mykola as a grown up man comes back to Stanov aiming to trace a true murderer.  Kati a returns to Stanov at the same time. They meet as adults and fall in love again. However, a new gulf is interposed between them and this time it is no distance at all but a secret and not the only one.

Mykola proceeds with the investigation to be faced with a few unexpected discoveries.

"Secrets" a 95-episode serial soon on Ukraine TV Channel.