Media Group Ukraine Director Yevgen Lyaschenko listed among Focus Top -100

Published Wed, 19 December 2018, 17:00

Media Group Ukraine Director Yevgen Lyaschenko - for the third time listed among the Focus* Top -100 Dominant Figures in Ukraine.

Евгений Лященко 6

Taking Over Internet

By Galyna Kovalchuk, Reviewer, Focus.

Improved rating performance – that’s how TV Channel Ukraine (part of Media Group Ukraine with Yevgen Lyaschenko as its Head) is celebrating its 25-th anniversary this year. According to the data presented by the TV Industrial Committee, Ukraine with its audience share accounting for 11% is having a strong lead this autumn among this country’s TV Channels.

 While relying on the in-house content and his colleagues have produced 1.6 thousand premiere hours, mostly serials and reality shows targeted at those about 40. However, the Channel’s management team are striving to maximize their viewership and the intent seems to work out quite well. It is just worth reminding that Ukraine YouTube Channel might boast 1.5 mln subscribers and videos placed there have risen to above 500 mln reviews.

*Focus – is a national Ukrainian weekly news magazine in Russian published in Kiev and distributed throughout the country. The base auditory of the magazine are the people of high and above high level of income between 25 and 45 years of age.

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