Football1/Football 2 Site – Leader in Sports Segment at Month-End February 2019

Published Mon, 18 March, 18:40


It was as far back as September 2018 that the Football1/Football 2 site was zeroed out and «dressed up for a part», so to say. Much to its users’ delight the site new version set to work quite freshly and cheerfully. The video content share visibly increased, online broadcasts and new sections appeared, and they have bold plans in store for you.

Figures are not everybody’s favourite amusement, but the editorial team are so happy about them that they have made up their minds to announce them with blare of the trumpets of course:


The number of unique users on has been subject a 51 % increase over the month.

They have won their spurs by hard and painstaking work. And now the site editorial team are extending a big thank to their audience that acceded to the site and stay with it!

The favourable trend has been, however, supported by the Football1/Football 2 Youtube channel. The number of reviews for the month has broken through 7 million which accounts for a 254% increase as compared to performance in January.

A few more cool figures in the end. According to the data provided by Gemius:

1. – 768 773
2. – 749 226
3. – 703 410
4. – 691 559
5. – 600 581
6. – 448 448
7. – 395 110
8. Sportarena – 387 115
9. – 332 565

The Football1/Football 2 site has thus secured a foothold among the sports segment leaders within Ukraine’s Internet. And each achievement – is a motivation to work still better for you!