– the Venue for the Audience Award Vote within Ukraine’s Golden Dzyga National Film Award

Published Thu, 21 March, 18:13

It is on 19 April 2019 that becomes the venue for the viewers’ voting in favour of the Audience Award nomination within the framework of Ukraine’s Golden Dzyga, the  National Award in filmmaking.

At the press conference held by the Ukrainian Film Academy Yelena Shramko, Media Group Ukraine' Head of Communications, announced the list of 10 nominees for the Audience Award comprising Ukrainian made motion pictures released in this country that had won the largest number of viewers for the period of January 1 through December 31 2018.


It is for the second year running that Media Group Ukraine supports the said Award acting as the Golden Dzyga partner. The initiative aimed at attracting the viewers to choose the best one among the locally produced motion pictures is an important phenomenon within the National Award as such while providing more interest in and awareness of Ukrainian motion picture production.   

With the entire voting term accounting for 20 days (19 March – 10 April) the winner within that particular nomination would be found by the counting of affirmative votes in general. The results would be announced in the course of the Golden Dzyga Third Award Ceremony. The event might be broadcast live on and 

You may vote following the link: