Published Mon, 3 March, 15:38

Media Group Ukraine and TV Channel Ukraine.

Official Position.

As a major nationwide TV Channel, and one of the leaders in viewing on Ukraine's market we are fully well aware of our responsibility towards multimillion audiences coming from all regions of the country, varying in political and social views, in everyday languages they use, in living standards and income levels. Therefore our broadcast policies have always been and are aimed at promoting universal human values and human lives viewed as most cherished and treasured of them all, while focusing on very special Ukrainian identity, civil rights and freedoms contributing to the country's unification process.

As to the news prorammes on the Ukraine TV Channel they meet universally recognized principles and standards of journalism while informing our nationwide audiences on major, urgent and highly resonant issues throughout the country and the world over. The Channel's Editing Policies based on Editing Standards made public on sobytiya.tv have never been subject to any changes whether prior to the events causing the restart of power structure, or in the course of those events or in the aftermath thereof.

Whereas our Channel operates within the framework of the System Capital Management Group (SCM) accounting for 300.000 employees all in all, we - as part of the team - share their hopes and aspirations inherent in Ukrainians at large. We are anxious to preserve the country's integrity and live to see the day when truly democratic principles and supremacy of law would reign thus ensuring protection of property, free competition and social welfare.

With the current crisis being at its height we used to comply with and abide by all ethical norms and standards of journalism provided for by our profession as such. In doing so we have shown respect for our viewers and kept their confidence. As a major nationwide broadcaster we were supposed to assume responsibility for the information distributed, to safeguard professional neutrality concerning political forces within the country which were and are so many and diverse.

Given the gravest and most protracted political crisis undergone by Ukraine throughout its recent history our consistent, balanced and impartial approach has been repeatedly criticized by those on the opposite sides of the barricades.

What strikes us most is that such attempts are still in full swing and even tend to be on the increase disregarding the grave situation the country finds itself in as of now when it's integrity as such is at risk. Moreover, such attempts are gaining in intensity accompanied by appeals for lustration i.e. disqualification in respect of a few journalists and mass media people. Instead, we are supposed to spare no effort with the aim to strengthen our unity. That's what we view as our primary task and duty at the moment. However, we deem it necessary to claim as follows: should such attempts be viewed within the legal framework or otherwise implemented we would classify the situation as interference with mass media operations ; should that be the case we are going to be proactive in drawing attention of international community to infringements on freedom of speech in Ukraine.

We call upon all TV broadcasters and media outlets throughout Ukraine along with the TV industrial community and all independent experts to do away with witch hunting within our professional environment and to actively take part in processes aimed at reforms and renovation in this country. Any attempts to divide Ukraine's mass media (whatever are the reasons for it) are totally unacceptable especially under the circumstances when major nationwide TV channels express their consolidated position on the events unfolding in Ukraine while implementing common projects with the aim to maintain the country's unity.