About us

Media Group Ukraine is a media holding company that manages SCM'  television and new media projects. Our strategic goal is to create an integrated system in which the holding company's all assets will supplement each other. Our holding company is a professional investor in Ukrainian media business. 'Media Group Ukraine' is one of the largest media holding companies in Ukraine.

The company was established in 2010 and currently includes:

  • "Ukraine" - a national FTA TV channel;
  • TV channel for a young audience "NLO TV";
  • thematic TV channel "Indigo TV";
  • thematic TV channels "Football 1/2/3", also are presented in HD version;
  • nationwide information channel “Ukraine 24”;
  • regional "TV channel 34";
  • satellite TV operator Xtra TV;
  • OTT platform OLL.TV;
  • international TV channels Ukraine 1, Ukriane 2, NLO TV 2;
  • prodcos "Tele Pro" and "Dopomozhemo TV";
  • ​the full-service media agency "Media Partnership Buying";
  • site segodnya.ua;
  • multimedia project Vogue UA.

"Media Group Ukraine" invests into development and promotion of existing business areas and technologies and into new, prospective projects.


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