'Media Group Ukraine' is one of the largest media holding companies in Ukraine.



  • August - foundation of 'Media Group Ukraine'



  • January: launch of 'Football+' TV channel
  • June: 'Media Group Ukraine' joins the Television Industry Committee (a trade association) as a founder
  • August: digital broadcasting licenses were received for the group's four TV channels: 'Ukraine', 'Donbas', 'NLO TV', and 'Kinotochka'
  • November: creation of 'Digital Screens'; start of development of a new video service project 'oll.tv'
  • December: 'Ukraine' and 'Football' TV channels owned by 'Media Group Ukraine' have been awarded the broadcast rights for UEFA EURO 2012 in Ukraine



  • February: 'Media Group Ukraine', 'UMH Group', and 'KP Media' pooled together their assets: i.ua, bigmir.net, and tochka.net, and founded United Online Ventures
  • March: 'Media Group Ukraine' and '1+1 Group' announced foundation of a joint sales house, 'Media Alliance Studio'
  • May: Digital Screens launches oll.tv video service
  • June: the media holding company launches an HD version of 'Football' TV channel, dedicated to the UEFA EURO 2012™ Football Championship
  • June: 'Ukraine' and 'Football' TV channels broadcast the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship in Poland and Ukraine



  • February: "Segodnia Multimedia" (Today Multimedia) structurally integrated within Media Group Ukraine.
  • April: Long term contract execution by Media Group Ukraine and UEFA on EURO -2016 qualifiers and final (France) and qualifiers for World Football Cup-2018 (Russia)
  • June: Content partnership "Chistoye Nebo" (Clear Sky) established by Media Group Ukraine, "1+1 Media" , Inter Media Group and Starlight Media
  • August: "34" a major channel from Dnepropetrovsk acceded to Media Group Ukraine
  • October: Media Group Ukraine ("Ukraine", "Football", "Football+", "NLO TV" and "Donbass" connected to the YouTube (internet popular video service) partnership programme; All TV channels programming accessible for legal viewing in high quality.
  • November: TV channels within Media Group Ukraine sports group renamed as "Football 1" and "Football 2"
  • November: Regional Media Group established by Media Group Ukraine based on its regional channels with four major channels of East Ukraine to launch operations under its auspices and in particular: "Donbass" (covering the territories of regions, such as Donetsk, Lugansk, Dnepropetrovsk and Zaporozhye), "34" (Dnepropetrovsk region), "Sigma" (Mariupol, Donetsk region) and "TV- Sfera" (Hartsyzsk , Donetsk region)
  • November - exclusive contract executed by Media Group Ukraine in respect of "Ohotnik I Rybolov HD" (Hunter and Fisher) distribution in Ukraine
  • December - rights assigned to Media Group Ukraine for broadcasting World Football Cup 2014 matches (Brazil)



  • January - February: regular coverage of the Maidan events by Media Group Ukraine TV channels and print media
  • February: "Front Cinema" a new production established within Media Group Ukraine with the aim to produce motion pictures and TV series
  • February: 6 awards of Teletriumph-2013 won by Media Group Ukraine TV channels; segodnya.ua announced the news internet-portal of the year as a result of the contest i "Man of the Year -2013" contest
  • March: Media Group Ukraine accedence to the universal media project "Yedyna Krayina.Yedinaya Strana" (Single Country) and participation in it making public its official position "On TV Responsibility To Nationwide Audience"
  • March: Build up of news programming and suspension of entertainment shows on TV Channel "Ukraine"; launch of segodnya.ua in Ukrainian
  • April: Corporate Ethics Code adopted by Media Group Ukraine
  • May: Antitrust Compliance Policy introduced by Media Group Ukraine
  • May: gorod.dp.ua (the leading news portal of Dnepropetrovsk) acceded to
    "Segodnia Multimedia" as its new asset
  • May: MGU TV Channels ("Ukraine", "Football1"/Football 2" - assigned official broadcast rights for Ukrainian Cup finals for te coming 3 years;
  • June: MGU TV Channels first ever in Ukraine to broadcast 64 matches of World Cup-2014 in HD quality
  • June: MGU TV Channels winning gold and bronze awards at Promax BDA
  • July: Media Group Ukraine - presenting OLL.TV as a digital interactive TV service offering 130 Ukrainian and world best channels and impressive library of motion pictures, series and shows
  • September: Media Group Ukraine winning the UEFA tender for the exclusive right to broadcast the Champions and Europa Leagues matches for 2015-2018
  • September: "Dopomozhemo TV", a new TV production majoring in public service projects established within the framework of Media Group Ukraine
  • October - -"Dopomozhemo TV" participating in creation of the unique Donbass humanitarian map
  • November - OLL.TV service appearing in the market
  • November - "Indigo TV", a new TV Channel covering today's lifestyles launched by Media Group Ukraine and targeted at progressive urban audiences , mainly female.
  • December - Media Group Ukraine acceding to SCM Group Policy in Sustainable Development
  • December - Media Group Ukraine winning a lawsuit filed by Divan TV, thus proving that "a pirate" is not entitled to another person's content.



  • February: Segodnya called newspaper No.1 in Ukraine in 2014
  • April: Ukraine’s Higher Commercial Court rejected the “Divan TV” cassation thus announcing its final verdict in the litigation between “Divan TV” Ltd and “Media Group Ukraine” concerning illegal uses of foreign content to meet commercial interests without right holder’s consent
  • May: Ukraine – To Launch the 16:9 Format Broadcasting in All Networks
  • May: Media Group Ukraine – To Launch Independent Satellite Broadcasts of Football1/Football 2 for Xtra TV Subscribers
  • July: a Ukrainian provider of digital interactive television OLL.TV is launching a mass OTT product
  • September: TV channel “Ukraine” to launch series in Ukrainian
  • September: TV channel “Ukraine” launched educational project “Media Workshop”
  • September: «Медіа Група Україна» отримала ліцензію супутникового провайдера для XtraTV
  • October: "Dopomozhemo TV" participating in creation of the unique Donbass humanitarian map
  • November: OLL.TV service appearing in the market
  • November: "Indigo TV", a new TV Channel covering today's lifestyles launched by Media Group Ukraine and targeted at progressive urban audiences, mainly female.
  • December: Media Group Ukraine acceding to SCM Group Policy in Sustainable Development
  • December: Media Group Ukraine winning a lawsuit filed by Divan TV, thus proving that "a pirate" is not entitled to another person's content.



  • January: Channel Ukraine was ranking first in 2015 among the country’s nationwide TV channels for 18+audience (11.02% in share and 1.95% in rating) and second for 18-54 audience (9.52% in share and 1.41% in rating)
  • June: TV channel Ukraine launched educational project “Media Workshop”
  • September: Media Group Ukraine launches Donetskiye Novosti regional news portal for Donbass
  • September: Sales house “Mediapartnership” strengthened sponsorship packages sales
  • September: “Media Group Ukraine” has started testing of new satellite Eutelsat 9B



  • February: “Media Group Ukraine” launches an integrated multi-platform news brand Segodnya
  • February: “Media Group Ukraine” officially presented broadcasting of Korean channel KBS World in Ukraine
  • April: Media Group Ukraine to present package of Ukriane 1, Ukraine 2, NLO TV1 for world over
  • May: Kapitansha – the best 2017 TV serial
  • June: Deepmetrics - measurement system presented by Digital Screens
  • August: Ukraina TV Channel: Segodnia Ranking First Among Prime Time News
  • November: The premiere of "Topic of the day" proof of demand for actionable quality analytics
  • December: Brand SEGODNYA - 20 years old



  • January: TV channel Ukraine is TV viewing leader in 2017
  • February: Television Channel “Ukraine” is an Exclusive Broadcaster of the Oscar® Ceremony
  • February: Television Channel “Ukraine” is an Exclusive Broadcaster of the Oscar® Ceremony
  • February: Ukraine TV Channel YouTube channel reached more than one billion views



  • February - TV Pro Projects: Ahenty spravedlyvosti ( Agents of Justice) and Realna mistyka ( Real Mysticism ) – leaders in viewers’ vote within the Filmed in Ukraine project on Ukraine’s film industry
  • February – Football 1/Football 2 site – leader in the sports segment as of the month end
  • February – monthly views of the Football 1/Football 2 Youtube video exceeded 7 mln
  • March - TV Channel Ukraine – undisputed leader in TV viewing for all main audiences
  • April – Xtra TV – a pay satellite TV brand switched its available subscribers’ base from cards to set top boxes thus providing them access to TV Channels in mobile apps and on the site
  • April - Istoriya odnogo zlochynu ( A Crime History), produced by TV Pro - leader in experts’ vote within the Scripted Reality nomination, the Filmed in Ukraine project
  • April – Channel 34 journalists made the top 3 in the media contest on local self-rule announced by the Ministry of Regional Development, Internews and Radio Liberty
  • May – TV Channel Ukraine – leader in TV viewing on weekdays and weekends
  • June – Launch of co-production: TV Channel Ukraine / Helio, a media company (Latvia) with Markus, to become its first coproduction series
  • June – Media Group Ukraine entering into agreement with GoQuest Media Ventures, a distributor from India on distributing the MGU in-house made series
  • July – Media Group Ukraine – Kartina TV (Europe’s biggest OTT operator) contract execution on rebroadcasting international versions of TV Channel Ukraine and NLO TV - Ukraine1/Ukraine 2 and NLO TV 1/NLO TV 2, respectively
  • July – TV Channel Ukraine, leader in TV viewing for all main audiences on the date of early parliamentary elections to Verkhovna Rada
  • July – Football 1/Football 2 licensed official re-broadcasters of Ukraine’s Premier League with the exclusive to broadcast all UPL’s matches over the three seasons: 2019/2020, 2020/2021. 2021/2022
  • July – New design drawn up for Siogodni –Segodnya.ua, site of the multimedia brand
  • August – long term contract execution by Football 1/Football 2 on broadcasting matches, such as championships of Spain, Germany and France in the new season. Apart from that Football 1/Football 2 are broadcasters of championships’ matches, such as those of Ukraine, Italy, Belgium and the Champions League, UEFA Europa League and the Euro 2020 qualifiers
  • August – Media Group Ukraine contract execution on sale rights to its in-house products to Polsat, (Poland)
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