Pay TV Distribution

Contact details:

Remezovskyi Oleksandr, Director of Distribution Pay TV channels and Media Platform Department - [email protected]

Voloshchenko Tetiana, Head of Distribution International Channels and HoReCa - [email protected]

Vita Iuzefovych, Head of Distribution Pay TV Channels - [email protected]

  • Successful distribution of MGU linear Pay TV channels into the cable, IPTV and  OTT networks:
  • TV channels with advertising business-model "Ukraine", "NLO TV" and "Indigo TV" cover over 90% of the local market.
  • Exclusive channels "Football 1" / "Football 2" - premium sports’ content with coverage up to 75% on Ukrainian Pay TV market;
  • Sales of TV platforms such as Vodafone TV, Kyivstar Go TV;
  • Distribution of TV channels "Ukraine" and "NLO TV" international versions - "Ukraine1" / "Ukraine 2" and "NLO TV 1" / "NLO TV 2",  broadcasting rights sales and promotion on the world Pay TV market.
  • Distribution of TV channels "Football 1" / "Football 2" in HoReCa, providing public places with legal rights for football retransmission.

International Channels                                                                                                  

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