Vogue UA

Vogue UA was launched in March 2013. No other magazine in the country had been anticipated so eagerly. It has surpassed the wildest of expectations. The mission of this magazine is to raise standards of not only Ukrainian glossy magazines, but of the entire society.

Vogue UA website was launched together with the printed version of Vogue UA. Vogue.ua is the most up-to-date high-quality resource about fashion, style and beauty on the Ukrainian market.

Vogue is more than a magazine, it`s a luxury brand, the best advertising resource. Vogue works only with the companies whose image meets its exceptionally high standards.

Vogue is also published in the US, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Russia, Japan, China, Taiwan, Mexico and Latin America, Korea, Brasil, Greece, Australia, Portugal, India, Turkey, the Netherlands and Thailand.

Contact Details: www.vogue.ua | Facebook/VogueUkraine

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