The Masked Singer Ukraine Hyper Show Heroes Visit the Young Patients of the Okhmatdyt Hospital

 The Sun, Cyclops, Cat and Robot visited the Okhmatdyt Hospital to support young patients, give them positive emotions and instil faith that their biggest and most desirable dreams would come true.  The amazing heroes of the Masked Singer Ukraine show visited children who are struggling with the insidious disease and are being rehabilitated in the bone marrow transplant unit. The mysterious characters of the MASKED SINGER UKRAINE TV show and hosts of the TV channel “Ukraine”, Mariia Melnyk and Hryhorii Herman, arranged a fun and bright party with laughter, joy, fun and surprise gifts for children.  “Positive emotions heal no worse than drugs. It is confirmed by foreign research and we saw it today. The incredible play-day that we held along with the TV channel “Ukraine” will do good for children. These young patients have recently been actively fighting for their lives. Some of them have spent more than a year of their childhood in hospital wards. The events like these will help children better adapt to new conditions so that when they leave the hospital walls, they will have no fear of living without a hospital,” said Oleksandr Lysytsia, Head of the Okhmatdyt Hospital Bone Marrow Transplant Unit.  To the cheerful music and loud applauses, the hosts introduced the children to their favourite characters from the first season of the Masked Singer Ukraine show, the bright and incredibly beautiful Sun and the sweetest project participant, Cyclops. The children were also first to see the new masks of the second season, which will come out this Saturday, October 23, on the TV channel “Ukraine”, a high-tech Robot and a playful Cat.  “We had a worthy goal: to make children happy so that they could get away from their health concerns, get positive emotions and achieve a positive mindset at least for a while. We managed to do it. We saw so much happiness in their eyes, sincere smiles on their faces that it inspired us to do even more good things and miracles,” said Mariia Melnyk, host of Morning with Ukraine (Ranok z Ukrainoiu) at the TV channel “Ukraine”.  “It’s a very good idea: to give the participants of the Masked Singer Ukraine a worthy mission and invite them to meet the children who really need play and moral support. I am sure that the meeting with the amazing heroes, which, indeed, was fantastic, really cheered up the kids, and their positive emotions will help them regain strength as soon as possible and get back to a carefree fairy-tale childhood,” said Hryhorii Herman, the host of Morning with Ukraine at the TV channel “Ukraine”.  The event ended with a pleasant and unexpected surprise for children. Given that every one of them has cherished dreams, the Masked Singer Ukraine show heroes made sure that they would come true. For this, the children and their parents released balloons into the sky with their greatest desires.

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