Ukrainian content strengthens market positions in Latin America, USA and Canada

Olympusat, Inc., a U.S. based leader in the television and media space, specializing in the ownership, distribution, and production of world-class content, licensed over 100 hours of TV series from Media Group Ukraine. As a result, viewers in Latin America, USA and Canada will have access to quality Ukrainian content both on digital and Pay TV services. The content package acquired by Olympusat includes popular crime dramas such as “Who Are You?”, “Detectives”, “Renunciation” and “Filin”, as well as witty comedies and dramas “The Million-Dollar Christmas Tree”, “Infoholic” and “The Call”. In addition, the deal provides Olympusat rights to a robust collection of critically acclaimed productions including “Black Flower”, a historical melodrama that revolves around the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.   Iryna Chernyak, Director of Media Group Ukraine’s Content Sales Department: “The entering and strengthening positions in the highly-competitive Latin American market, famous for its quality expertise in this segment, is a true challenge and unquestionable success. This deal is yet another proof that a strong story, smart implementation and general values appealing to all viewers are key to success in international markets.” “The industry is transitioning; we are no longer limited by our borders,” stated John Baghdassarian, VP of Content Acquisitions at Olympusat. “At Olympusat we understand that good content transcends all cultures, which is why we continue to invest in movies and series with high production values and compelling stories from all over the world including Ukraine. We pride ourselves in our international offering, and we are eager to share it with our audiences in North America and Latin America.” We would like to remind that in late 2020 Media Group Ukraine first entered the Latin American market with its melodramas ‘Eclipse’, ‘Secrets’ and ‘Rain Flowers’ - .    

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