Position of Media Group Ukraine

Media Group Ukraine is convinced that civil society is interested in protecting the institution of freedom of speech and independent media in Ukraine. We consider it necessary to launch a number of joint projects to unite the efforts of professional journalists and public activists. The efforts to achieve a common goal – building the strong, sovereign and independent Ukraine. One of the first such projects should be our cooperation with the independent non-governmental organization Detector Media, which we asked to conduct regular independent monitoring of the content the leading channel in the market, part of Media Group Ukraine, of Ukraine 24 as well as main Ukrainian information TV channels, both that already broadcast and newly emerged. The parties are currently in the process of finalizing the terms of cooperation. The main subject of monitoring is the search for pro-Russian/anti-Western narratives, fake news and messages without their refutation by talk show moderators, violations of basic standards of information broadcasting related to foreign and domestic policy, war with Russia, occupied territories. Media Group Ukraine will not interfere in the monitoring process in any way, and its results will be published openly without the consent or opportunity for the customer to familiarize with them in advance.   Media Group Ukraine is convinced that the help and recommendations of the experts from the independent public organization Detector Media will help professional journalists ensure the high quality of their content in the interests of Ukrainian viewers. Today, journalists not only defend Ukraine in the advanced information war with Russian disinformation, but also do so against the background of internal political conflicts, so we call on all market participants to unity and dialogue.    

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