Ukraine 24 Channel reaches 105 mln hhs coverage worldwide

Ukrainian leading news TV-Channel “Ukraine 24” keeps growing its coverage all around the globe. Ever since the beginning of the horrific war, “Ukraine 24” has become one of the most viewed sources of news worldwide among Ukrainian media.

The largest operators are willing to add “Ukraine 24” to their services. Here are some of the worldwide well-known names with an approximate number of coverages the channel gathered by making deals with Vodafone (Ireland, Holland, Hungary, Germany) – 18,6 mlns HHs;

Orange (Poland, Slovakia, France) – 7,7 mlns HHs;

Dish (Sling TV USA) – 2,5 HHs;

Channelbox is a free ad-supported TV (FAST) platform available on Freeview channel 271 in the UK handles around 17 mlns DTT HHs;

TVNGO from Discovery Poland 1,5 mlns HHs and others.

The new decision to provide foreign press and TV-channels with the relevant information about the current situation in Ukraine became integrated with huge news platforms such as the NEW DELHI TELEVISION (India, 100 mlns users every day), TOOBER (India, 10 mlns subs), CCTV (140 mlns HHs China), CGTN (900 mlns HHs worldwide), FOX NEWS (USA, 2,5 mln subs).

With support from people all around the world, “Ukraine 24” has been able to reach the total coverage of almost 105 mlns households, and the numbers keep growing every day.

This is another big achievement not only for “Ukraine 24” but also for all Ukrainians, as our media are displacing Russian propaganda, which helps us transmit the truth behind the events in Ukraine, approaching our victory!


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