Kapitansha – the best 2017 TV serial

Published Sat, 27 May 2017, 13:19

Kapitansha (Captain’s Wife) produced by ABC Film as commissioned by Ukraine TV Channel  aired at 9 P.M. on weekdays  in the course of 15through 25 May  to become the best primetime serial in 2017.


With its average rating and share (for commercial audience) accounting for 4.97** and 16.16%, respectfully,  and the peaks reaching 7.59% in ratings and 28.1% in audience share. The serial performance for 18+ showed a higher growth and in particular: 8.61% *** in ratings and  22.8% in audience share with the climactic scenes  accounting for 35.43% and 11.94% for the share and  ratings, respectfully. It is due to such high performance data that Ukraine has become the leader in the 9 P.M. slot   among the TOP -6 channels in two age groups. The Kapitansha checkered story has been watched by Ukraine’s 16.1 mln viewers with the final episodes attracting 7.2 mln viewers.****

It’s worth noting that the serial premiere was aired on Ukraine at 9P.M., 15 May, 2016 with Anna Mykhailovska, a well- known actress  in the leads with talents greatly contributing to the product success and in particular: Oleksandr Ratnikov, Vitaliy Saliy, Mykola Boklan, Leonid Gromov, Oleksandr Popov,  Margaryta Shubina and others.

Kapitansha is a tale of a girl from a wealthy family with many a trial falling to the lot of  hers. After the death of her parents her uncle took custody of her  but his wife was eager to make a fortune at the expense of her niece’s  inheritance. The girl was daydreaming of an arts college but  acquaintance with  Leonid, a sea vessel captain thwarted all her plans.  This was a life-changing moment that has brought  about  seagoing and distant voyages as well as losses and bitter disappointments to be suffered by  the girl. Written by Tetyana Gneydash the serial  was produced by ABC Film  as commissioned  by Ukraine TV Channel.

*Evening prime time  for the 18+ and 18-54 age groups (cities 50,000+) among all TV Channels;

** The data assessment for the 18-54 age group, 50,000+ sampling;

*** The data assessment for the 18-54 age group, 50,000+ sampling;

**** The data assessment for the 4+ age group.

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