“The Wild Fields” is presented for the Winter Film Market

Published Mon, 18 December 2017, 15:00

The Wild Fields, a film based on Serhiy Zhadan’s novel Voroshylovhrad, is finally presented for the film market. The screen version of the novel was developed by LIMELITE Production in collaboration with TV Channel “Ukraine”, Media Group Ukraine, Ukrainian State Film Agency (Derzhkino) and a Swiss production studio “Film Brut”.

The release of the film is scheduled for 11 October 2018, prior to which it will be shown at various film festivals. It is worth mentioning that the screen version of Serhiy Zhadan’s novel has already won The Connecting Cottubs Best Pitch Award 2016, The Connecting Cottubs Producers Network Award 2016, The Connecting Cottubs Pitch Award 2017 and The Connecting Cottubs Work-In-Progress Award 2017.

The film will be launched under the title The Wild Fields since the creators decided to draw a distinction between the film and the book. The term “Wild Fields” is the historical name of the region where the scenes of both the motion picture and book take place. Thus, this title actually translates the atmosphere of the film and its genre – “eastern”.

“We came across with the title, “The Wild Fields”, once we realized the need to show the difference between the novel and the film. For the majority of Ukrainians, the word “Voroshylovhrad” is absolutely unknown or even creates false associations. Foreigners cannot pronounce it at all. However, the term “The Wild Fields”, used to denote the territory between the Don and the Carpathians, is familiar and clear to Poles, Lithuanians and other nations neighboring Ukraine. It even has an authentic Latin translation. The Wild Fields are the territory which has been a gateway to Europe for thousands of years. People who lived there in the past had to learn to protect themselves. And our film is about such people”, – says Yaroslav Lodygin, the director.

Voroshylovhrad is one of the most penetrating works in contemporary Ukrainian literature. It has been translated into English, Polish, French, Russian and German. Moreover, BBC Ukraine awarded the novel with Book of the Year (2010) and Book of Decade (2014).

The plot is based on the story of return. The protagonist, a German  has to come back to his native Donbass after years spent away. He has to look into the case of his brother’s sudden disappearance. The German meets real and unreal characters, his childhood friends and the local mafia. And suddenly, to his own surprise, he decides to stay in his native town with people who love and believe him and need his defense.

The shooting of the film took place in Donbass for nearly a month and was afterwards continued in Kiev, where it eventually ended in late September.


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